Millie Bobby Brown has been denied a major Star Wars role, but let's all agree on one major point

Millie Bobby Brown has been denied a major Star Wars role, but let's all agree on one major point ...

The Mandalorian''s new character, and Obi-Wan Kenobi''s new fan favorites, have made an appearance on Disney+, but it has improved with a few new features. It may also feature Millie Bobby Brown, who plays a Jedi, but that''s not true.

Millie Bobby Brown is fantastic, and if the recent rumor from the Mirror, which should be taken lightly, that she has been in negotiations with Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm, it is absolutely wonderful. If she is considering for a future Star Wars movie or Disney+ series, shed may be a welcome addition to the franchise. However, since the world largely already knows her as a girl with extraordinary brain powers, I for one hope that she will not be considered to play a Jedi, because then shed may just play

On the one hand, it would be great for Lucasfilm to see Millie Bobby Browns perform as Eleven and as her as a Jedi Knight. However, considering that she might be staring at something and moving it with her brain as a performance, but it would be nice that if there is a specific role in mind as part of these alleged discussions, it involves something new that we haven''t seen before.

Millie Bobby Browns'' involvement in Enola Holmes and other projects is a lot of fun, and she may find it exciting to play something different than doing something so similar. Make her a smuggler. That''s why she''s most likely in court.

Millie Bobby Brown has already revealed her interest in Star Wars. If that option were available, Browns expressed some interest in playing Princess Leia. She is a couple years younger than Carrie Fisher was when she started the role. Deepfakes have shown that Brown might quite easily pull off a version of Leia between that show and the original Star Wars. And seeing Brown as Leia would not be the first time that a Star Wars casting concept established on the internet came to fruition. As well as Ros