Cast List of Avatar 2: The Way Of Water: All The Confirmed Heroes And Villains

Cast List of Avatar 2: The Way Of Water: All The Confirmed Heroes And Villains ...

For the longest time, it appeared as if those Avatar sequels would be the kinds of films that remained in development hell forever. Nevertheless, over the past few years, the wheels continued to turn, and now it appears that these films, assuming they won''t be delayed again, may even happen.

The cast of the next film, titled Avatar The Way of Water, has continued to evolve into something special. Several members of the first film''s cast are returning, and even more new characters have been announced by director James Cameron and his producers. What do we currently stand for? Here''s a look at everybody who has a confirmed appearance in Avatar 2. On Pandora!

Sigourney Weaver/Dr. Grace Augustine

Although we were initially unaware of whether Sigourney Weaver would appear in Avatar 2, it is not exactly clear how her character of Dr. Grace Augustine died during the events of the first film. It''s unclear how Grace will come back, likely in her Na''vi avatar body, or will exist as another entity isn''t entirely clear. Although Weaver will still work on this one since back when we were still confused if this film would happen.

Sam Worthington/Jake Sully

Sam Worthington looked to be the next big thing in action films like Terminator Salvation and the Clash of the Titans remake. While those franchises have faded away, Avatar is still there, and Worthington will be back on the big screen again in no time. While the plot of the new film is still mostly unknown, we know that Sully and Neytiri will be seen with children.

Zoe Saldana/Neytiri

Neytiri was the primary member of the Na''vi that the first Avatar focused on. She became the love interest for Jake and was the one responsible for demonstrating him the methods of the Na''vi. Saldana''s star was on the rise when the first Avatar came out, quite like Worthington, but unlike him, she has become a serious film star in the coming years. However, she''s not much sure about going back for the sequel. Much like Sigourney Weaver, she''

Stephen Lang/Colonel Miles Quaritch

One member of the "dead, but apparently not" club is Stephen Lang''s Colonel Miles Quaritch, who was seemingly killed in the battle of Pandora at the end of the first film, and yet Lang is apparently poised to be the main antagonist of the story in all the future sequels. And, unfortunately, we can''t really agree on the fact that he will be the only one of the stars in all the future sequels, as long as it makes some kind of justifiable sense. Even Lang didn

Kate Winslet/Ronal

As a result of the James Cameron reunion, the cast of Avatar: The Way of Water is a family based in England, and the actor is based in Italy. We understand that Ronal is a free diver from the Metkayina clan. But, this is why she is a huge fan of Avatar 2. We''re sure to look forward to seeing these two Hollywood heroes again.

Joel David Moore/Norm Spellman

Norm Spellman, who became Jake Sully''s friend after previously becoming friends with his deceased twin brother Tom, was permitted to stay on Pandora after all of the other humans were kicked off the planet. This could make him one of the few 100% human characters who will even be in this film, as most everyone else will be big and blue.

CCH Pounder/Mo''''at

Mo''at was the Na''vi spiritual leader in the first Avatar and was one of the key characters in Na''vi society that we met along with Neytiri''s father who was the village director. There''s a good chance that Mo''at''s knowledge will lead the way. Because everything we know about the sequel, there''s a lot of confusion about how it will be done.

Jamie Flatters/Neteyam

Jamie Flatters is one of a whole a handful of young actors who will be bringing entirely new characters to life in Avatar 2, and one assumes, all of the sequels. Flatters will play Neteyam, the firstborn son of Jake and Neytiri, at this point, but the fact that Neteyam is the oldest of several children of the pair, shows that quite a long time will have passed since the first film when Avatar 2 picks up. The fact that so many young actors

Britain Dalton/Lo''''ak

Jake and Neytiri''s second child is named Lo''''ak, and Dalton will be played by him in the Amazon drama Goliath, starring Billy Bob Thornton. Dalton may also sound familiar to fans of the Uncharted video game series, but he is not sure how he got him in the most recent title, Uncharted 4. A Thief''s End. However, no details have been made about him. While Lo''ak is the second of three children, he is the youngest.

Trinity Bliss/Tuktirey

Tuktirey, Jake and Neytiri''s youngest child, will play Tuk (as she is often called) and will be played by Trinity Bliss. So, we''re at a loss beyond that. Tuk is one of only two girls among the currently announced child actors, which might indicate a connection between her and the other.

Cliff Curtis/Tonowari

Cliff Curtis of Fear the Walking Dead will play Tonowari, the leader of Pandora''s reef people, according to reports. The two will have children together, but this is not the first time the film has been complete. Curtis is expected to play the role of Tonowari, the leader of Pandora''s oceans, although it''s unclear whether the reef people, called the Metkayina, are completely friends or foe. Curtis is reportedly signed for all the sequels, and it''s unlikely

Filip Geljo/Aonung

Filip Gejio, a young hunter and free diver, might play him in Avatar 2 as part of the PBS children''s series The Odd Squad, but he''ll play Aonung, the son of Cliff Curtis'' Tonowari, as well as the son of the Metkayina clan leader, even though there isn''t one clan among the players of Pandora. We''d expect Aonung to play a lot with the Sully kids, as they all have a

Bailey Bass/Tsireya

Bailey Bass, who plays Tsireya in the role of her father, is seen as a calm and powerful free diver. This is Bass''s second film role to date, and she has made a significant leap from relative obscurity to one of the best films ever.

Duane Evans Jr./Roxto

Duane Evans Jr. will play, the last of our six new roles, and another young hunter and free diver of the Metkayina, named Roxto. Evans will be recognizable to New Zealand residents for his recurring role on Shortland Street, as Rhino in Netflix''s Sweet Tooth, but this will certainly be his first appearance to the rest of the world. Beyond Roxto''s abilities as a hunter and diver, we don''t know much about him. However, it''s still time

Matt Gerald/Corporal Lyle Wainfleet

There''s the third actor who died in the first Avatar, but who will eventually return for the next two films. You''d be forgiven for not giving Corporal Lyle Wainfleet a lot of focus the first time around, until he was tortured to death by native Pandoran wildlife. We''re sure that whatever method allows him to be alive is similar to how everybody else will return who was once dead. If only we knew what the outcome.

Oona Chaplin/Varang

Oona Chaplin will be recognized as the wife of Rob Stark for her next major role, but she will likely live longer. Varang, according to the fact that she only has one name, would indicate she will be Na''vi, but beyond that? The wife of the Metkayina chief, perhaps? Hopefully, she won''t attend any weddings.

Jack Champion/Javier ''''Spider'''' Socorro

Jack Champion, the last of our young actors, is playing Javier ''Spider'' Socorro. Champion''s role is unique for several reasons. Not the least of which is that he plays a human being, but one who prefers his time in Pandora''s rainforests. At this point, Spider is the only new human child that we have entirely confirmed, which at least promises that there will be some players in the new film.

Jemaine Clement/Dr. Ian Garvin

Another addition to the cast of the Avatar sequels has been announced in May of 2019. Jemaine Clement, who plays a character under the name of Dr. Ian Garvin, is a marine biologist, which makes sense since we know that Avatar 2 will focus on the oceans of the alien planet. Clement appears to be among the sequels in various ways, based on the terminology.

Chloe Coleman/Young Lo''''ak

Chloe Coleman has been a regular feature in recent television shows such as Upload and Big Little Lies, as well as her role as Young Loak in Avatar: The Way of Water. She has also played a role in the next Dungeons and Dragons film.

Jeremy Irwin/Young Neteyam

Jeremy Irwin is a newcomer to Hollywood with only a single TV film to his name prior to scoring Avatar 2. He will play a younger version of Jake and Neytiris'' oldest child, played throughout the rest of the film by Jamie Flatters.

Giovanni Ribisi/Parker Selfridge

Giovanni Ribisi will be another member of the original cast in the Avatar film to reprise his role. He played Parker Selfridge, the man responsible for the expedition to Pandora. At the end of the film, he was, as far as we know, kicked off the planet with most of humanity, so why and how he has returned we do not know.

Dileep Rao/Dr. Max Patel

If youve seen Dr. Max Patel previously worked with the NaVi, you might not remember him from the original Avatar. He was one of the famous scientist who sided with the NaVi. Rao also appeared in Drag Me To Hell and Christopher Nolans Inception.

Edie Falco/General Ardmore

Edie Falco has made more than her share of fans thanks to her roles on both Nurse Jackie and The Sopranos. Falco will appear in the next Avatar film as General Frances Ardmore. Although we know little about the character, she is reportedly the new director of the Resources Development Administration, which previously held by Giovanni Ribisis Peter Selfridge.

Michelle Yeoh/Dr. Karina Mogue

Michele Yeoh has recently blew everybody away with her lead role in Everything, Everywhere, All At Once, so you can be certain there will be people excited to see what she brings to the Avatar franchise. Beyond the characters name. We dont know much about her, therefore she is a doctor, and thats about the size of it. Michelle Yeoh is really curious to be working with James Cameron.

Brendan Cowell/Captain Mick Scoresby

Brendan Cowell will be a face better known to Australian audiences than American counterparts, although he did have a major role in Game of Thrones. Captain Mick Scoresby is another character we know little about, but he is the captain of a marine hunting vessel, and considering that Avatar: The Way of Water is a science fiction film about Pandora''s oceans, this might be an extremely important character.

Vin Diesel

For a long time, it was unclear if Vin Diesel''s comments on the Avatar franchise were entirely on the level. Even now, it''s unclear exactly what he is doing in the film, how big his role is, or anything else. However, it appears clear that Vin Diesel will not appear in Avatar 2 or just other sequels. However, at this point it appears probable.

CJ Jones

CJ Jones will be familiar to fans of Edgar Wrights Baby Driver, who played the deaf foster father of Ansel Elgorts. Jones has only appeared in a number of projects since then, but he will play Avatar the Way of Water in an unidentified role.