The Netflix CEO clarifys a false perception about advertising on the streaming service

The Netflix CEO clarifys a false perception about advertising on the streaming service ...

Even TV lovers who haven''t yet decided to go all-in on streaming know one big thing about it: Netflix is the midst of our ongoing streaming wars. And, many individuals (around the world) rely on their Netflix subscriptions to see the nearly innumerable movies on Netflix for the first time. This means that now, however, Ted Sarandos, the co-CEO, has clarified a substantial misconception about commercials on Netflix.

What Did Ted Sarandos Have To Say About Netflix''s Ads?

While millions of people might remember (not so fondly) getting and then returning those utterly red Netflix envelopes in the mail, the firm has become much better known and beloved for everything it has gained to streaming. So far, Netflix has been ad-free at every price tier, but with that changing in the near-ish future, Ted Sarandos, who spoke at the Cannes Lions advertising festival recently, wanted to outline an outline of this plan for subscribers.

We are now adding an ad platform to Netflix; you know it today. We are currently adding an ad platform for those who say, "Oh, I want a lower price and Ill watch ads."

Ahhhh, do we all get it right now? Look, I understand the disappointment and/or panic that must have beenhed a lot of subscribers when they heard that Netflix was approaching, and right now, there are three subscription levels priced at $9.99, $15.49, and $19.99. Can you imagine paying for any streaming service, spending years without ads and then suddenly having to deal with commercials before, during, or after your binge of Stranger Things, or Love Is Blind? It would be frightening! The last thing Netflix

A lot of viewers would then cancel Netflix (like the fans of the controversial sci-fi series The OA, who called for massive cancellations over losing the drama), but this year, Netflix saw a much larger drop in subscribers, just before it was decided that putting an ad-supported price tier for those who don''t mind commercials might be a good idea.

Despite that, Netflix reported that it lost around 200,000 subscribers in late April, lowering their stock prices. I can certainly see how making this particular move with a new ad-based version would be beneficial for Netflix to, in some cases, avoid spooking its current subscribers. Luckily, non-we will have to deal with commercials on Netflix if we don''t want to.