In NA VCT play, the Chamber has a huge impact on round conversion

In NA VCT play, the Chamber has a huge impact on round conversion ...

According to willminder on Twitter, chambers competing in the VALORANT Champions Tour can often be the deciding factor for their teams to win round.

The VCT Challengers Two playoffs are coming to an end in North America, where two teams will meet for a spot at Masters Copenhagen next month. The Chamber has had a huge impact on the competition scene. With only four teams remaining in Challengers Two, willminder emphasized their dependability on their Chamber players.

How dependable are these last four NA teams on their Chamber? I went through every round where these teams Chamber principal died first in the round and looked at their loss percentage. These were the results. #VCT #VCT

OpTic Gaming loses 67 percent of rounds where Jaccob yay Whiteaker finishes first, XSET loses 69 percent of rounds where Matthew Cryocells Panganiban dies first, but NRG loses 77 percent of rounds when Ian tex Botsch dies first, and FaZe Clan loses 87.5 percent of rounds when Quan dicey Tran dies first, according to willminder. The statistics show how powerful Chamber players can be to their teams, especially

Even when the top four North American teams depend so heavily on their Chambers being alive for the majority of the rounds, it is easy to see how much the lack of a Chamber can put teams off. These statistics were drawn from recent Challengers Two games that willminder also brought into consideration on Twitter. The breakdown for each teams lost rounds when their Chamber dies first appeared like this:

  • OpTic Gaming (22/34)
  • XSET (24/37)
  • FaZe Clan (35/40)
  • NRG (34/44)