TFT Twitch Rivals Tag Team Set 7: Standings, Format, and Updates

TFT Twitch Rivals Tag Team Set 7: Standings, Format, and Updates ...

Twenty-four Teamfight Tactics players are competing in the Twitch Rivals Tag Team event, presenting Set Seven Dragonlands and the most recent balance update via Patch 12.12.

The Twitch Rivals Tag Team Dragonlands event will feature top streamers and esports competitors. Patch 12.12, an update that rebalanced a number of champions, traits, and Draconic Augments, was delivered by the TFT team prior to the start of the Twitch Rivals Tag Team event. Volibear and Daeja have been affected.

The TFT Tag Team tournament now has 24 players, divided into 12 teams.

  • Team Becca: Becca and soulless
  • Team Boxbox: boxbox and AesahTFT
  • Team Emily Wang: Emily Wang and Jummychu
  • Team GrandVice8: Goose and SpicyAppies
  • Team Guubums: guubums and bertasaurus8you
  • Team k3soju: k3soju and Milk
  • Team kiyoon: Kiyoon and Prestivent
  • Team Kurumx: Kurumx and DQA
  • Team Rayditz: Raditz and Broccoli
  • Team Robinsongz: Robin and Ramblinnn
  • Team Escha: Escha and Scarra
  • Team setsuko: setsuko and SpencerTFT

Six games will be played each day, with only eight teams advancing to the second day of the event. Teams will be placed in the same lobby, with lobbybies rotating every two rounds. All players who advance to the second day of the TFT Twitch Rivals Tag Team event will earn a share of the total $10,000 prize pool. The event will be casted by WavePunk, Bryce esportsslaw, and Riley Jirachy.

June 23 Twitch Rivals Tag Team standings

The teams were divided into three lobbies and six games were played. The lobbies were rotated every two games. Volibear seemed to be capable during the Dragonlands launch, but the Dragonmancer trait is still quite a strong carry. Along with buffs to Lee Sin and Swain, the dragons were commended.