Every Character in the Disney Mirrorverse Tier is ranked

Every Character in the Disney Mirrorverse Tier is ranked ...

Players in Disney Mirrorverse will be able to unlock and play with 45 iconic heroes and villains from the Disney Universe. Guardians are called "Telee, Ranged, Support, and Tank. These Guardians are divided into four primary classes: Melee, Ranged, and Tank. With a wide range of Guardians to choose from, players can''t help but wonder which ones are the best. We have created a comprehensive Guardian Tier List for you that includes all four types of situations.

All Characters in Disney Mirrorverse, ranked

Guardian Tiers
SMickey Mouse, Jack Skellington, Woody, Hercules, Maleficent, Elsa, Mr. Incredible, Maui
AHiro Hamada, Jack Sparrow, Tiana, Baymax, Oogie Boogie, Gaston, Buzz Lightyear, Goofy, Anne, Scar, Arielle, Snow White, Aladdin, Zurg
BAnger, Stitch, Mulan, Judy Hopps, Tron, Donald Duck, Evil Queen, Frank Wolff
CRapunzel, Minnie Mouse, Hades, Merida, Baloo, Sulley, Belle
DCaptain Hook, Tinker Bell, Eve, Genie, Ursala, Mike Wozowski, Scrooge McDuck, Ian Lightfoot

The S Tier consists of two of the best Guardians from each class, and we suggest you keep them in the squad following their arrival. Below is a list of the most well-known Guardians in each class.


  • Woody is the perfect Guardian to deal quick Melee attacks at close range. He has a base DMG of 581 and 7,373 Max Health. This means players can not only deal high damage with Woody, but also withstand a slew of attacks. His abilities consist of Reach for the Sky, Sheriff''''s Roundup, and A friend in Me. His signature ability deals around 200% additional damage, making him the perfect Guardian to lead the charge.


  • Maleficent is the best Ranged Class Guardian in Disney Mirrorverse. She deals a base DMG of 553, with 508 Bonus Critical Damage. Her abilities include Cruel Curses, Dragon''''s Rage, and Merciless Vengeance. Her signature ability, Merciless Vengeance, deals AoE damage that inflicts enemies with DEF debuffs.

Mickey Mouse

  • Mickey Mouse is a Gravity Defying Support Class Guardian, and he has a base DMG of 500. Mickey abilities include Stellar Energy, Cosmic Command, and Mirror Master. While the first two abilities are available early on, players will need to rank up to 4-star to unlock Mirror Master.

Mr. Incredible

  • Standing tall on top of the Tank Class is none other than Mr. Incredible. With a base DMG of 589 and a Max Armor of 9,671, Mr. Incredible is the best solution to absorb enemy fire. His abilities include Incredible Strength, Unstoppable Justice, and Kinetic Explosion. Mr. Incredible is a great Guardian to have in your team, as he pairs well with all characters in Disney Mirrorverse.