The Best Minecraft Roof Designs

The Best Minecraft Roof Designs ...

Minecraft is a game that gives players an almost unlimited supply of things to do. Players can build just about anything they put their minds to. It''s easy to get overwhelmed with choices. One of the most important things they can create in the game is a structure to call home. This is the easiest way to avoid enemies and the hazards of the day.

There are a lot of things players should make when designing a house. From the size of the house to the decoration, there are a number of choices to make. Especially if aesthetics are being considered. The following guide is a way to help players create some roof ideas.

Minecraft Roof Designs

The structure above is a classic roof shape. This is one of the easiest roofs to make and is especially useful for players who need to remove the roof quickly.

This roof is a little more aesthetically pleasing than the classic roof structure. It integrates itself with the walls of the house and can look great with the correct complementary blocks.

The Gazebo-pointed roof is a great choice for round buildings such as wizard towers or lookout points. This is a simple roof that can make a building stand out from others with pointed roofs.

This staggered roof design is a stylish option for players who desire their house to look more elegant. This roof design allows players to combine a smaller structure to their house to create a larger floorplan for their building.

This intersecting roof design is a great option for larger structures. This roof is also versatile. The one pictured is positioned on a three-roomed building, but players may apply this style of roof to larger buildings.

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