Daniella Karagach Has No Idea How the Network Move Affects DWTS

Daniella Karagach Has No Idea How the Network Move Affects DWTS ...

On So You Think You Can Dance the 17th Season, professional dancers Daniella Karagach and Pasha Pashkov were choreographers.

Alexis Warr and Keaton Kermode performed a ChaCha for the contestants.

We are so honored to have been featured on @danceonfox and Karagachwrote on Instagram. Tune in tomorrow at 9pm to watch our choreography come to life! Loved every minute and cant wait to share more.

Jaci Royal, Dominique Kelley, Talia Favia, Mel Charlot, Teddy Forance, and Bryan Friedman were among the guest performers on the June 22, 2022 episode.

Karagach posted an Instagram page congratulating the contestants after her time on the show.

Karagach Doesn''t Know Anything About DWTS'' Future

Daniella Karagach Pashkova (@daniellakaragach) shared a post.

After their time on So You Think You Can Dance, Pashkov and Karagach weighed in on Dancing With the Stars season 31.

Im not going to lie to you, but we do our job, Karagach told the outlet. We show up and we choreograph. We don''t have an idea about how the move affects the show in any way.

Auerdem said that both viewers are still waiting for a summons to see if they will be in the next season of the show.

Alan Bersten described His time on SYTYCD as a full-clear moment.

Daniella Karagach Pashkova (@daniellakaragach) shares a post.

On Season 17, Alan Bersten became a choreographer.

I can''t even say this is such a full circle moment, and it teaches me a lot before the show premiered. I am so thrilled to share that I had the incredible opportunity to choreograph for tonight''s episode on @danceonfox!

9 years ago, I was a contestant, and now I am probably even more anxious than before! It was such a wonderful experience.

For Carter Williams and Ralyn Johnson, Bersten arranged a Jive.

Bersten sparked an interview with Inside Dance participants and discussed his time on So You Think You Can Dance.

I was a contestant on that stage nine years ago, according to the magazine. I know exactly how they are all feeling, but it''s a nerve-wracking process.

He was surprised to see his wife doing so well with his choreography.

Ralyn is really coming out of her shell, traveling out there doing what she does best, according to Inside Dance. And then Carter went out there in his comfort zone and feeling himself it was fantastic. I hope they make it so far.

Bersten is awaiting a phone call to see if he can return to the show in season 31 of Dancing With the Stars. He is adamant about the coming season.

Berstentold Hollywood Life, a good thing, I feel like everything is moving to streaming, and we will be the first live broadcast on a streaming platform which makes it special. It feels like the ones breaking the ground on that.

I''m really excited for that, and I just feel that it''s going to be so big because Disney is magical.

He also said he wasn''t sure what might be going wrong with the show.

In the fall of 2022, Dancing With the Stars will begin airing exclusively on Disney+ rather than on ABC.