Julie Chen Releases a Cryptic Big Brother 24 Clue

Julie Chen Releases a Cryptic Big Brother 24 Clue ...

The Big Brother 24 premiere is less than two weeks away and fans can barely contain their excitement. Few details about the upcoming season have been released. However, Julie Chen recently posted a cryptic picture on Instagram that retraced the audience.

Chen posted a photo of herself wearing a floral dress and butterfly jewelry with her hair removed back in a tight pony on June 21,. In the photo, the Big Brother host is leaning back and looking toward the sky.

She captioned the post, revealing that the first day of #Summer takes place, and [two] weeks until #BB24, but may you find any clues?

Big Brother Fans Debate Over Potential Clues

Julie Chen Moonves (@juliechenmoonves) wrote a post.

Fans commented on the post with their finest clues about what information might be hidden hidden in the image.

Chens butterfly jewelry was thought to be an example for a few enthusiasts.

One fan wrote that the only thing I see is a butterfly garden theme.

Oooo, what a good idea to do with butterflies! Another fan wrote.

Chens tight ponytail, according to some enthusiasts, provided a clue.

Frankie Grande is back with a great Ariana pony, according to one Instagram user. On season 16, Frankie Grande competed. His sister is pop sensation, Ariana Grande.

Another user has added that the high pony is a clue. I want a different season than the high school clique one.

Big Brother fans have also debated the Reddit photo. Some fans thought Julies'' butterfly ring made an appearance to the butterfly effect.

According to Howstuffworks.com, the butterfly effect is the idea that small, seemingly trivial events might ultimately result in something with much greater implications.

A Reddit user wrote a Butterfly ring=butterfly effect twist. [Like] Pandoras box, but it restores the entire game to day [one] (yes they already knew a way to make someone certain to press it).

Chens pose, according to Reddit users, indicated a throwback twist.

One user said she''s been reminiscing on the past IE when it comes to returning players.

Big Brother 4 Winner on Her Biggest Regret

Jun Song (@jundishes) wrote a post.

Entertainment Weekly spoke to a few former winners in honor of the Big Brother 24 premiere.

Jun Song, a season four guest, was one of the winners. Songs Big Brother''s victory was remarkable. She was the first Asian contestant to win the $500,000 prize. She is also one of only seven female winners to win the game.

Song reveals her husband''s busy days in the house and revealed her greatest regret in her interview with Entertainment Weekly.

My greatest concern remains the same until today, according to Alison Irwin. It was in the last few days remaining in the house. Only Alison Irwin and I had planned to go home already. During our downtime, Ali and I loved to s*** chat with the other houseguests.

Wed sit there painting our nails or laying in the sun, and take jabs at all those who wed voted out that summer.

One comment she made about Robert Romans'' daughter was specific.

When I questioned Robert Romans'' daughter, she told the publication. At the time, my disdain for Robert spilled over, and he called his daughter a name and it was shared on the live feeds.

The former winner said she''s pleased that CBS had decided not to air the clip, but shell never forgetting watching the live footage and seeing herself say it.

On CBS, Big Brother 24 premieres on Wednesday, July 6, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time.