The 10 Best Steam Summer Sale in 2022

The 10 Best Steam Summer Sale in 2022 ...

The Steam Summer Sale has some of the best deals you can get on Steam, but they only appear for a limited period. Before they return to full price, you must jump on your favorite games quickly. These are usually better than others, and we highly recommend buying these games while you have the chance.

Top 10 Deals in the Steam Summer Sale

Death Stranding, a dystopian future game, has been a surprise hit for many during the COVID-19 epidemic. During the game, Sam Bridges is traveling around what''s left of the United States, making deliveries for survivors. The game is available at a 30 percent discount, and those who already have the original game will receive a 30% discount.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is available for purchase, along with an adventure starring Yuffie Kisaragi who attempts to steal the game. The game has recently arrived on Steam earlier this month, and is now being offered at a 29 percent discount for anyone interested in adding to their collection.

The game God of War was a previously PlayStation-exclusive game that became a PC version. Here, you will play Kratos, the previous Greek god of war, as he and his son, Atreus, make their way to Midgard''s highest point. There, they will distribute Atreus mother ashes, but the final request from her directly places these two in conflict with several gods in the Norse pantheon. The game is available for free during the Steam Summer Sale at a 20 percent discount.

Although Monster Hunter Rise was not a PlayStation exclusive, it was a Nintendo Switch exclusive before it made its way over to Steam. Similar to the previous games, you will be taking on increasingly difficult and massive monsters with a wide array of weapons, thus avoiding them as long as they have spare resources to make more equipment. This is why this game, Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, is slated to release on June 30, making it a fun day to jump into the game.

No Mans Sky has existed for years, but although it was not widely praised at its launch, the game has seen significant changes. The game, which has been transformed into a safe open-world survival crafting game with a 50 percent discount. Expect future releases in the future.

Project Zomboid is an older game, but it has become a smash-hit following the multiplayer update, allowing you to create a server for your friends and family to play on. It will also be able to add as many mods as possible to enhance your experience. It is also possible to get a 33 percent discount for those who use it.

You can follow the unique story of Rock Star or explore the wild west with some ideas at a 50 percent discount.

If you like multiplayer games, we suggest picking up Rust. You will sit in a procedurally generated world alongside other players on a server, constructing your base to survive and gathering supplies to surpass anyone else in the game. There are many possibilities to play this game, but we recommend picking it up if you have a group that plays it every so often. The base game or any DLC pack is $10 per share.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is now available for Dark Souls and Elden Ring enthusiasts. It''s a FromSoftware souls-like adventure where you''ll be fighting out difficult bosses and trying to decipher the cryptic messages and clues in the game to progress forward. The GOTY Edition is available for 50 percent off.

Tiny Tinas Wonderlands is the ultimate game on this list, which was released not too soon and one was surprised to see featured in the Steam Summer Sale. You''ll be making your character in a spin-off game of the Borderlands franchise, with Tiny Tina as the Bunker Master, leading you through a wild campaign to defeat the Dragon Lord. There''s plenty of loot available for free on Steam Summer Sale.