The Best Discounts on Steam Summer Sale for Under $10

The Best Discounts on Steam Summer Sale for Under $10 ...

The North hemisphere is rolling rapidly, and it means two things to remember to wear sunscreen, the Steam Summer Sale. Like an old reliable friend, the Summer Sale comes around like clockwork, offering ridiculous discounts on hit games and draining the wallets of the unwary. Here''s a list of some of the best games to grab while they''re on offer for under $10.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth 50% off

The Binding of Isaac, a gruesome and unsettling fact-playing game, is a gruesome and unsettling process-specific action RPG, with a focus on multiple runs to unravel all of its secrets. Rebirth gives the game a complete revamp, with brand new art, a souped-up game engine, and a slew of other upgrades and enhancements. It is available during the sale for $7.49.

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling 50% off

Bug Fables, a turn-based RPG with a familiar storybook aesthetic, will help your team of three brave bugs navigate the world of Bugaria in search of the Everlasting Sapling, an artifact that will grant eternal life. With classic Mario RPG-style Action Commands, and plenty of fun platforming and puzzle solving combined in with the RPG elements, its a steal at $9.99.

Carto 50% off

Carto takes the different aspects of having a map from many games and turns it on its head. While it generally plays like a non-violent Zelda game, its main mechanic sees you taking apart and restructuring each level in real time, solving puzzles and unlocking new paths as you discover new items of the map along the way. For only $9.99, assist young Carto find their way back to their grandmother.

Celeste 75% off

Celeste, an iconic puzzle-platformer, is a tale about dealing with anxiety and depression and understanding who you are as a person. With stunning pixel clarity and powerful controls, players will die constantly but will always give each screen another shot or ten. Go ahead and find your way up Celeste Mountain for only $4.99.

DUSK 55% off

If you like Doom but want to learn more about the modern reboots, DUSK is the game for you. Directly inspired by classic 90s shooters in both mechanics and visuals, DUSK pits you against cultists and demons in a lo-fi gore. With multiple campaigns, unlimited survival mode, and online arena multiplayer, youll get your moneys worth for $8.99.

Hollow Knight 50% off

The second trailer for Hollow Knight is coming outsome day, and it''s a perfect opportunity to catch up on the challenging Hollow Knight. With a distinctly Soulsborne-style combat approach, Hollow Knight is a visually stunning and mechanically impressive game. With all four free content upgrades, you can get rid of your own purchases, including new mechanics, questlines, bosses, and rewards. At $7.49, you owe it to yourself.

Papers, Please 50% off

Papers, Please, a surprise 2013 hit from Lucas Pope, may not sound like much on paper. In effect, its a bureaucracy simulator, you can keep your passport on the spot, but soon more and more arbitrary restrictions begin to come down the pipeline, forcing you to make tough decisions on the spot while risking the livelihood of yourself and your family. It''s a strange and thought-provoking game, and is worth the experience for $4.99.

Slay the Spire 66% off

The epitome of just one more run gameplay. Slay the Spire is a deck-based roguelike that sees you progressing through dungeons, fighting off monsters, and claiming bonus and abilities. Runs are a attainable length when you get the hang of things, but you can probably run through most of it in 20-30 minutes, although the sheer variety and number of cards, character abilities, and other randomized elements will keep you coming back from more. Near-infinite replay

Stardew Valley 40% off

Stardew Valley, a peaceful little title that boasts a remarkable amount of depth, is ideal for a farm or monster hunt in the mines, or for your villager of choice. Over the years, it has even a dedicated modding community providing even more content for $8.99.

The Wolf Among Us 60% off

Another Telltale Games game with a long-awaited sequel is now available on Steam. It''s a narrative-focused game with short time events, set in the world of the Fables comics, and seeing private investigator Bigby Wolf try to solve a series of murders. Unlike other Telltales games, you can get it right now for $5.99.