In Destiny 2, where can I find the lockdown chests for the Nightmare Containment?

In Destiny 2, where can I find the lockdown chests for the Nightmare Containment? ...

Two of the five key unlocks in the Derelict Leviathans Castellum area after the end of the event. Embedded behind them is a treasure chest that has the potential to reward an Opulent Key if you dont already have one. Firstly, you will know which doors open when they have a red-lit switch in front of them when the lockdown is still on. You will have to wait two minutes to open the two doors before the lockdown begins, and you will need to complete another Conta

Here are a few shots from the five Nightmare Containment locks.

The Final Nightmare''s Containment: Left of the Final Nightmare

The first of two easy-to-check chests is just down the hallway on the left of the last boss arena. It''s closest to the back wall of the Castellum.

The Nightmare Containment Lockdown chest 2: The Right of the Final Nightmare

The second easy-to-check chest is down the wrong path towards the larger Castellum.

Chute Down at Nightmare Containment: Near the initial spawn point, in a corner

Head across the Castellum until you reach the spawn-in point. Look to the right, and youll see a small nook with a lever door at its back. This is the third lockdown chest door.

Lockdown chest 4 of Nightmare Containment: On the lower level directly opposite the third lockdown chest

Take the stairs down to the lower area that led to the Gauntlet encounter in the Leviathan Raid about halfway down. A thin, blue-lit hallway will be on your right. The fourth lockdown chest door is at the end of the halls.

The Lockdown chest 5 of Nightmare Containment: On an upper platform near the entrance to the Pleasure Gardens

From the Castellum, the fifth and final lockdown chest door is on a platform up and to the left of the entrance to the Pleasure Gardens area. When you take the stairs at the opposite end of the lower area, turn around, then follow the path back to the entrance and its many columns. Look up and to the left. There is a platform you can jump to that includes the last lever and lockdown chest door.

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