The Blacklist Season 10 of The earliest possible premiere date?

The Blacklist Season 10 of The earliest possible premiere date? ...

We believe that at this point, most people are aware that well be waiting a long time to seeThe Blacklistseason 10. Filming is not underway as of yet, and the James Spader drama isn''t currently a part of the NBC fall schedule.

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When may the show resume at the early of the day? Here are a few scenarios below that are quite straightforward to describe.

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Before and foremost, lets talk Friday, January 6. Given that the show will remain in its Friday timeslot, that''s just the date that makes the most sense. However, the last time the show started at midseason, we had a two-night premiere where it started on January 5. Don''t be surprised ifThe Blacklistdoes does something similar here as a way to ensure that the season departs in big ways. Another possibility is that the two episodes resume.

We suppose that the show might be returning on January 13 and that they may perform a series of two-hour blocks for the rest of the season. However, from the outside looking in, it just doesn''t make much sense. Why would NBC want to do something like that when more viewers watch things in the winter? The greater the chances of Season 10, and also cures a little bit of our impatience at the same time.

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