Michelle Trachtenberg returns as Georgina in season 2 of Gossip Girl

Michelle Trachtenberg returns as Georgina in season 2 of Gossip Girl ...

HBO Max may not have an officialGossip Girlseason 2 premiere date yet, but there is still a reason to say it. After all, Michelle Trachtenberg is returning to the franchise as Georgina Sparks!

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If you first see the teaser promo below for what may be planned, then it''s understandable if you are 1) confused or 2) have questions. After all, it appears like Georgina, but the image is so blurry that its difficult to confirm anything. Well, before you see the post from executive producer Joshua Safran declaring that the cat has escaped the bag.

The first thing the producers intend to do here is make the reboot/revival a carbon copy of what was in the original show the OG wasiconic, but this is intended to be for a whole new generation.

We think there''s a possibility that another familiar face or two will arise in the new season, but we are quite optimistic that the streaming service will give everything away right now. Why do that when you can keep the hype train rolling for some time, and it keeps it interesting for a much longer period of time. Isn''t that exactly what we should all want?

In the next few months, a strong premiere date for season 2 ofGossip Girlwill be announced.

Thank God, the cat has gone missing! https://t.co/st7xO2zFSl

Joshua Safran (@Anthologist) on June 22, 2022