Season 3 of Ted Lasso: Is there a possibility of a run-off that makes sense?

Season 3 of Ted Lasso: Is there a possibility of a run-off that makes sense? ...

Given the rumors that Season 3 of Ted might debut on Apple TV+, there is certainly a lot to think about in the future. Ask yourself whether there are any potential spin-offs within this world.

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If season 3 is over, you might have done anAFC Richmondshow without him, but that doesn''t feel like it would be as interesting. The idea of the first three seasons is seeing an outsider like Ted trying to navigate being a soccer coach in a community where football is worshipped. However, the truth about the character is unclear. Weren''t certain he is as effective if he is constantly in the spotlight.

There are still no confirmed spin-off discussions at the moment, but there is already one floating around in our mind that makes a lot of sense: Roy Kent and Keeley travel to America, where they are tasked with managing and promoting the image of a Major League Soccer team down on its luck. This time, these two actors are fish out of water in the States. Add to this the culture clash, attempting to secure top athletes and keeping himself from swearing at every press conference.

If there is a spin-off that we can get behind in this world at the moment, this is 100% it. Otherwise, you might look at a character like Rebecca, but we cannot see her selling Richmond, and it would be not too different from what we have today. Perhaps Jamie gets traded somewhere else, but that already happened to some extent with Man City returning.

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