The Falcon and the Winter Soldier continue to be done by Ms. Marvel

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier continue to be done by Ms. Marvel ...

One of the key aspects Ms. Marvel producers, directors, and producers have been keen to highlight is how the show addresses Muslim representation, but beyond the cultural benefits that make Kamala Khan such a unique hero, how society begins to see this new MCU member also defines a lot about the series, just like it did for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldiers themes are expanding beyond this, but the other focus of the series is on human and superhuman heroes. While Sam Wilson''s journey is really where it perfectly intersects with Ms. Marvel, it is true that the burden of succeeding Steve Rogers is so much, but also because of the decades-old prejudice that Kamala will likely encounter.

Marvels Law Enforcement

One of the most famous scenes through the entirety of TFATWS comes when Bucky and Sam encounter the cops and the latter Avenger is asked for his ID, although the situation does not scale much further, it perfectly represents how differently the police perceive the Falcon and Winter Soldier, mostly because of their skin color. This is just one of many scenes created to highlight Sams clashes with institutions that have discriminated against individuals (such as banks), not necessarily due to their core design, philosophy, and long-standing practices.

The United States Department of Damage Control has been chosen to fulfill this role in the case of Madonna, because since the first episode, the federal institution has been positioned at the forefront as one of Kamalas potential antagonists. Although the Clandestine djinns may have been revealed as the true villains, the series also shows a major difference between the way the Department of Defense clamps down on Spider-Man in No Way Home and the friendly Muslim girl that is Night Light.

The DODC encourages people to focus on a potential threat within a Muslim community, since people are already under strict surveillance by default. It will be interesting to see if Zoe Zimmer is first questioned by Cleary and Deever, and if his right to due process and a Daredevil attorney are mishandled.

Sheikh Abdullah and Nakia are seen at the Mosque as another example of this, although authorities are not as willingly restricted by the law as they might be with other suspects. In short, Ms. Marvel may have plenty of MCU cosmic homework to get done before The Marvels, but it is pretty clear the series does not fall off when it comes to portraying social issues.

What Ms. Marvel Can Learn From Other Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes?

As Captain America enters the series finale, Sam Wilson confronts the world with a rather bitter reality: that so many people would love to see a black American icon fail. Ms. Marvel, a show that has been continuously reviewed, is able to emulate this same narrative even better in the real world, and as viewership in the United States increases the ability to vary demographics to see it.

Do not forget that Ms. Marvel is likely to be more inspired by teenage motifs than by her desire to provide satisfactory representation for South Asian and Muslim minorities, but that does not mean she cant begin to learn the same lessons Sam did. As Kamala has to live up to expectations that society has imposed on superheroes and her family, her character arc appears to be perfect crafted to conclude with similar moments where her powers ultimately lead to Ms. Marvel vindicating her cultural background in front of the cameras.

Besides, Kamala''s friendship with Sheikh Abdullah offers the possibility to develop something similar to what Matt Murdocks Daredevil had with Father Lantom, a wiser religious figure she can rely on for advice, one who understands what it''s like to act on behalf of a marginalized community. This is particularly likely when episode 3 comes off with Kamala having to confront her family''s past.

Given that even Kamala''s crush, Kamran, was captured by the DODC, the possibility of Ms. Marvel having to fight authorities in some manner, or at least convince them that not everyone they see as a threat is almost set in stone. However, Ms. Marvel gives the audience the opportunity to send a similar message, perhaps with the same visual flair and style she''s making herself stand out from the rest of the MCU.

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