13 Nintendo Consoles for Rarest (& How Much They're Worth)

13 Nintendo Consoles for Rarest (& How Much They're Worth) ...

Generally, console releases are a fairly large deal. While limited edition consoles come out from time to time, some modern consoles are pretty easy to get our hands on without having to search too hard or pay too much. However, if you''re considering more retro or obscure video game consoles, here''s how to make it.

Nintendo has been in the video game world for a long time. They may not have started by making video game consoles, but it has become known for its games and consoles over the years. Some of their retro consoles have become popular collector''s items, but a lot of them are extremely rare and difficult to find. One of them is so rare they might not exist.

Kristy Ambrose''s formerly unknown vintage Nintendo consoles are being discovered, so to speak, as promotional or prototypes from the time will be discovered. Aside from the new old stuff, there are modern custom and luxury versions for gamers who are spending money on the finer things. These consoles are equally rare and expensive but for various reasons.

13 The Nintendo Playstation

The SNES CD was first known as the SNES CD, and those who understand this story understand the true meaning of karma. Nintendo learned the tough way that you don''t mess with Sony, but before the relationship between the two companies stifled, they created a few prototypes of their CD-based console.

The Nintendo Playstation is so rare that only one is legally available. That''s only public knowledge, because it was big news when Palmer Luckey, the co-founder of Oculus, purchased it for $300,000 at an online auction in 2020.

12 MTV Limited Edition GameCube Consoles (Priceless)

The MTV GameCube was introduced in 2003 with a limited-edition version. Despite the fact that many people had the widely-released single-color consoles, there were 29 lucky Nintendo fans who received some ultra-rare MTV GameCube consoles. During MTV''s Xmas Daily Broadcast, they gave away one special limited-edition MTV GameCube per day.

Five designs were made as part of this campaign, including one that was designed by designer Tom Ford. However, a price on these consoles is impossible because the 29 lucky winners who received them haven''t been able to find them on eBay for many years. It''s one of the most difficult gaming consoles to find, but this is the rarest GameCube console in existence.

11 Panasonic Q - $445

The Panasonic Q is a special hybrid console-DVD player that was first introduced in Japan in 2001. It was unique because it brought the DVD capabilities of other consoles to GameCube, which many critics described as missing.

This super-futuristic console was only once again available in a single country, meaning that not a lot of people got their hands on them. A used but working Panasonic Q will run a collector for $445, but a brand new one in its box with a special Game Boy player accessory can go for $2,000.

10 Game Boy Micro Mother 3 Console - $2,000

Mother 3 is a game that was not released anywhere except in Japan. Despite this, it has become relatively popular among hardcore Nintendo fans, and Lucas has still made appearances in other Nintendo games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

The Game Boy Micro Mother 3 Console was developed in 2006 to commemorate the game''s release. It is incredibly rare, meaning that a brand new one in the box may cost up to $2,000 or more, while the currently used versions of the console are closer to $800.

9 Nintendo Wii Supreme

If a purchaser asks about the price, they''ve got no business analyzing this thing in the first place. It''s still a fully-functioning Nintendo Wii despite all the shiny bling, and now that this console is a classic it may be worth even more.

Stuart Hughes is a luxury business that is selling a variety of luxury goods and is currently selling the Nintendo Wii Supreme for 299,995.00 or $367,339.29 in the United States. The console takes six months to make, based on real 22-carat gold, and the buttons are actual diamonds, a total of 78.

Animal Crossing Wild World from Nintendo DS - Priceless

When Animal Crossing: Wild World was released, it became one of the most popular Nintendo DS games. Over the years, the Animal Crossing franchise has spawned quite a few toys and limited edition consoles, but this one is remarkable.

A few different versions of this console with special art that depicted the different seasons in the game on the front were created. This special edition console was only sold in Sweden and given away as a contest prize, stating that it is impossible to pay a price on this one-of-a-kind console.

Charizard, a 7 Game Boy Advance SP Pokemon Center, will earn $1,000.

Nintendo consoles that feature artwork from the latest Pokemon game have always been popular. These consoles are a lot of fun for video game enthusiasts and Pokemon enthusiasts alike to catch and train their favorite creatures on, but they can be extremely rare and expensive after they''ve been released. Pokemon FireRed was the first game in Japan.

Despite the console''s rougher shape, a brand new one can raise up to $1,000, but the original box tends to be cheaper, but not by a lot.

6 Pocket Pikachu Color - $70

Though the Pocket Pikachu Color isn''t technically a console as on the other consoles on this list, it is still a rare Nintendo item that many video game enthusiasts have been doing their best to get their hands on. The first iteration of this electronic gadget was initially introduced during the Pokemon craze in the late 1990s, but instead of playing with it or feeding it like similar toys, owners had to clip it to their belt and walk around to let the device count their steps.

A full-color version of the device was first introduced shortly after the original, but it was completely licensed in Japan. Getting one of these new in the packaging will set a serious Pokemon fan back up to $70 for the semi-transparent grey plastic one. An opaque blue version was also introduced and is a lot rarer, too.

5 Nintendo 64 Watermelon Red - $260

The Nintendo 64 was canceled in 1996 but it was formerly discontinued in 2002. For gamers in the mid-1990s, this console was a must. It came in quite a few variations, and the console has grown into a massive collector''s item since then.

The Watermelon Red variation has evolved into one of the most popular N64 consoles, while being one of the most popular. Depending on how many colors you might get, you may get one for cheaper or get one bundled up with a few of your favorite N64 games.

4 Hyundai Comboy - $999

Nintendo is a country-wide organization that has grown worldwide. Games and consoles have been reimagined in so many countries and sometimes the most rare ones are the ones that were only released in a certain country. The Hyundai Comboy is the name that the Nintendo 64 was marketed there in the 1990s, but it wasn''t quite marketed as a Nintendo console because of bad relations.

The Hyundai Comboy has become a popular console for the most die-hard Nintendo enthusiasts, and it might be the rarest N64 console. If you''re lucky enough to find a complete Hyundai Comboy, then pay the price due to the limited amount.

3 Pokemon Stadium N64 Battle Set - $1,800

This might be worth the $2000 price tag for players who love their Pokemon merch. It''s important to remember that this is not the same as the blue and yellow set from Pikachu.

The entire set includes several extras, including a Trainer''s Journal and a handy mechanism to transfer a player''s pocket monsters from their game packs to this Nintendo console.

2 Hong Kong Edition Famicom ($230)

The Famicom was first introduced to the NES in Japan in 1983, and the NES was later developed in the rest of the world through the 1980s and 1990s. Both the NES and the Famicom are still popular retro consoles, although they are not all that rare.

The Famicom Famicom is developed in Hong Kong, but it is not the original format, as it is entirely to be purchased in Hong Kong. Although it seems rare for such a specific redesign to be something that collectors seek out, Nintendo fans are serious. This console will pay a collector $230, a small fee to pay to complete their Famicom collection.

1 Game Boy Advance SP 24K Gold Edition (Priceless)

The Game Boy Advance SP 24k Gold Edition is by far the most popular Nintendo console ever manufactured. It''s difficult to put a price on it, partly because many people are skeptical of its existence. A Nintendo fan who once owned one one shared some photos, but that''s it.

According to advertisements, roughly six different copies of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap were equipped with a special ticket that could be traded in for this special solid gold Game Boy Advance.