The 10 Most Powerful Video Game Characters

The 10 Most Powerful Video Game Characters ...

In this way, video game characters excel at specific traits and abilities that make them memorable to fans. They compete against one another throughout the community to see who''s the greatest at that skill, and when newer characters arrive, they try to prove themselves in these categories.

As so many franchises out there defining what it takes to be rapid in a variety of ways, such as combat or running, it makes players wonder who are the most effective people in video games.

10 Vega Street Fighter

This self-absorbed Spanish ninja once appeared in Street Fighter 2 as a non-playable character in the Champion Edition upgrade, and then he became a playable character.

Vega''s combat strategy is simple lunges, which gives him plenty of speed to attack opponents with a slew of attacks before they can even get a hit in. However, this agility comes at a cost, and players who use him must be quick with not only their attacks but also their dodges.

9 Zagreus Hades

Although Hades himself is a roguelike dungeon crawler, players will discover that this speed is of interest when dealing with the aftermath of attacks while trying to make it to the surface.

Each run through a chanced meeting with Hermes, who has plenty of options to increase the length of time Zagreus may dash or the kind of recovery he may gain from using it.

8 Miles Morales Spider-Man

After Miles was bitten by a radioactive spider, he was given superhuman abilities. This means he can climb more and run faster than any normal human. Miles cannot only run fast but also swing at insane speeds through the busy streets of Manhattan.

Players may argue that Peter should be an outsider of Miles. However, although Peter Parker is more advanced than him in the current game, including all of its improvements from Marvel''s Spider-Man, Miles just plays a lot smoother and feels faster to fans of the game.

7 Kitana Mortal Kombat

Many of the characters in Mortal Kombat might be seen as short, but none of them are comparable to Kitana''s agility or swiftness. As she appeared in Mortal Kombat, Kitana had the ability to teleport across the arena, as well as having a form of flight that enabled her to cover distance quickly.

The game was nerfed in previous titles of the franchise, but she was able to keep her speed through her teleportation. Even without her extraordinary abilities, Kitana''s combat with her dual war fans makes her capable of launching quick melee attacks that will leave opponents trapped in a storm of distress.

6 Scout Team Fortress 2

Scout and his aggressive battle tactics make him one of the most popular players in gaming currently. While developing on the south side of Boston, Scout encouraged himself to run so that he could defeat his seven older brothers.

According to his statistics, his base running speed forward is 133%, making him the fastest player in the game. Scout''s role in Team Fortress 2 is to go ahead with his teammates and rush their opponents with preferably a shotgun and a handy bat. This speed boost ensures he can do exactly that without significant damage.

5 Octane Apex Legends

Octane was always attempting to set records before going onto the arena. Some of them were quite dangerous than others. Using a grenade to smash himself into the finish line and set the world record for a pilot gauntlet, Octane destroyed his legs in the process. This didn''t stop him.

After replacing his legs with platinum ones, he made a rush to the Apex Arena in hopes of becoming the Apex Champion. He swapped out his grenades for jump pads to throw him across the map, as well as having the tactical ability called stim, which allows Octane to run that much faster. While playing as Octane, players have discovered exactly that.

4 Tracer Overwatch

It''s possible that a slew of other roles in Overwatch might be seen as as as Tracer, such as Genji being able to push himself ahead with his attacks or even Lucio, who can speed up the whole team. However, Tracer is the fastest because to her ability that defy time itself.

This means that the Chronal Accelerator, who must be kept strapped to Tracer, allows her to make the most of the accident that caused her particles to drift through time. This means she can blink through space itself in a mere second, allowing players to complete their role of becoming behind the enemy and ruin their defenses.

3 Samus Aran Metroid

Samus is a force many do not want to mess with through her skill in strength and combat. These DNA improvements have also made her extremely fast, as shown in the Speed Booster Ability that returned to Metroid Dread.

Samus has the ability to reach high speeds, like a raging bull, breaking through both walls and enemies. It is also useful to solve puzzles in the game, which may require players to speed across areas to avoid damage.

2 Regieleki Pokemon

This Electric-type Pokemon may not have any legs, but sprinting was never a requirement in what classes as a quick character. Regieleki has the highest base speed statistic out of any Pokemon in the whole of the franchise, which is as well helped by him becoming one of the smallest and lightest of the legendary titans.

Although leveling is slow, Regieleki can have a speed stat of between 364 and 548, putting players who want to be the first to attack, especially in larger battles, will always have a chance.

1 Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic has been named by players as a hawkeye while wearing his red sport sneakers and his well-known theme song of Gotta Go Fast.

Sonic has enhanced everything that makes him the speediest animal alive by being charged by a huge amount of chaos energy. When playing the Sonic The Hedgehogfranchise, players are in for an adrenaline ride.