Top 5 Iconic Anime Lawyers

Top 5 Iconic Anime Lawyers ...

There''s nothing like a good legal drama, and there''s plenty of media covering the detective side of things. Finding clues, interrogating suspects, and making the culprit confess. It can all be quite exciting. Throw in a courtroom and things can really pick up. Whether it be the attorney protecting their client from fraudulent claims, or the prosecutor grilling the guilty until they crack.

Even anime has dipped its toes in the legal world, either for dramatic or comedic purposes. Here''s the case for the five anime''s finest legal practitioners, ranked according to their success and status in their respective shows. Courts are now in session.

5 Olga, Ristorante Paradiso

Ristorante Paradiso isn''t about law or drama; Olga is just a divorce lawyer. Nicoletta inadvertently gets the show rolling. 15 years later, Nicoletta reaches Casetta dellOrso, a restaurant she and her husband own.

Nicoletta is set to take revenge by ruining her estranged mothers life. However, there''s something about the restaurant''s cosy atmosphere and charming staff that calm her heart. The anime then follows her as she completes her apprenticeship there and seeks to heal her relationship with her mother. It''s a pleasant, cosy affair for romance lovers with a bitter twist that Olga and her backstory provide.

4 Mr Abrams, Panty, and Stocking With Garterbelt

The comedy option is beginning with. In the episode One Angry Ghost, Mr Abrams represented the Anarchy Sisters when they were accused of killing a rude ghost. Judgement Day describes him as the most intelligent lawyer in town. Despite his reputation as a literal monkey.

Even if they werent particularly clever, he wears a machine on his head to produce his thoughts into speech. Like comparing Pantys bangs to bananas. Abrams gained a little bit of experience owing to the fact that the sisters were sobbing and ecstatic. This increased his ability to prove them innocent and reveal the true killers. In the end, he still came through for his clients.

3 Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney

The Ace Attorney cast will make up most of the results. Some pages will go to bat for Miles Edgeworth, while others will prefer Trials & Tribulations prosecutor Godot. Yet, unlike the most effective defense attorney, Phoenix Wright has proved his clients innocent and winkled out the true villains in almost every case.

Because he isn''t quite an iconic anime lawyer, Wright is going from a series of visual novel video games. Sure, he received an anime remake in Ace Attorney. However, it got a frosty reception due to its ho-hum animation and disappointing creative changes. It got better as it progressed, but the show proved that Wright was better lawyer on Nintendos handhelds than on Crunchyroll.

2 Teru Mikami, Death Note

Not every lawyer is a hero. Others are just out for their own interests or have a different vision of what justice is. When Light Yagami needed to get rid of him as he became a suspect in the Kira case, he discovered someone loyal to his cause in Teru Mikami, a criminal prosecution who tried to protect the innocent as a youngster. Later, he took a wrong turn.

He saw things in terms of good and evil, and that the evil ones had to be deleted until true justice was achieved. For a while, Light became the X Kira or the Hand of Kira. Ironically, for a character who saw everything in black and white, he was a real example of a morally gray villain.

1 Eri Kisaki, Detective Conan/Case Closed

Kisaki, a defense attorney who often advises the main characters in the show. Whether her daughter Ran, or the titular Conan herself, is stuck trying to figure something out, and she is often willing to provide insight that makes the case worse. Sometimes she becomes involved in the action through her feckless kind-of husband Kogoro.

The two are often disdainful against each other, but she is too energized. It was bad enough for Conan and his colleagues to legally separate and live different lives. Yet they always end up working on the same case in one way or another. As much as they annoy each other, they still love each other. For a kids detective show, Detective Conan offers a lot of romantic drama.