Extremely Manipulating Marvel Heroes

Extremely Manipulating Marvel Heroes ...

In the Marvel Comics world, things aren''t always as black and white as they appear. Some villains do fantastic actions, while others others commit terrible acts of violence. Among them are some Marvel fans, who often miss out on their moral standards in order to get the item they want.

These heroes, if they are intentionally or unintentionally, have used their abilities to manipulate people around them. Sometimes, they don''t even need their powers to psychologically mess with their friends or opponents. These eight characters from comic book history are among the most disappointing.

8 Tony Stark

Despite his outrageous character, Iron Man''s quest for fame has rarely been a symbol of honor or justice. He''s known to be selfish, arrogant, and irresponsible, even after wearing his superhero gear. However, his journey as Iron Man teaches him the cost of doing what''s right, even if that cost is doing what''s wrong.

This is the case in the Civil War storyline. Stark and Steve Rogers are at odds about the superhero registry. It''s also revealed that Peter Parker is being manipulated to support the registration, while stark is being imprisoned in the Negative Zone.

7 Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff had a difficult past before becoming an Avenger. As a child, she was trained to become a Black Widow assassin in the Red Room. During this time, she was manipulated to murder Iron Man and Hawkeye, although she was eventually reduced of her brainwashing and became a close friend of them.

This time as an assassin saw Natasha do whatever it took to kill her opponents. Often, Natasha''s heroic actions were a source of brainwashing or manipulation from another source. Yet, Natasha''s Marvel Comics version is often one of the most untrustworthy individuals.

6 Wanda Maximoff

Fans of Marvel Comics know all too well how dangerous the Scarlet Witch can be. Wanda, a user of Chaos Magic, is capable of manipulating reality, energy, and even souls when dubbed for her own desires. Wanda has become responsible for several major Marvel Comics events, such as the genocide of mutants in House of M.

Wanda''s goal has only ever been power, eternal life, or riches. Often, her manipulation of others, their minds, or their reality is in the face of living a comfortable life for herself. In WandaVisionand Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, MCU supporters see this as her.

5 Venom

Despite Brock''s beliefs being manipulated by the symbiote, Eddie Brock became a lowly journalist. Nevertheless, he got his chance for revenge when he was given the help of Venom, a symbiote.

Venom isn''t always an evil character, however. Eddie Brock''s determination to make up for his complicated past even leads to becoming an all-time favorite of Spider-Man. However, Eddie and the symbiote are constantly battling for control, with one trying to manipulate the other into doing what they want.

4 Namor

Namor, despite his great success, has become a renowned character. Especially when Namor is at power positions is he at his most volatile in terms of his emotional behavior. For example, Namor''s hostility came at odds with the rest of the group.

On the other hand, Namor has a reason to be arrogant and disobey towards the rest of the world. As the first mutant, Namor has rarely been accepted by large parts of society. In a way, his hatred and disgruntled human manipulations have been a result of the way mutants are discriminated against in the comics.

3 Emma Frost

Without mentioning Emma Frost, one can''t talk manipulation in the MCU. Emma Frost is a telepath who is capable of mind control, illusions, and altering others'' memories. Before becoming an ally of Charles Xavier, she used these mutant abilities to manipulate younger mutants like Kitty Pryde.

Emma is subjected to a secondary mutation, which gives her an additional strength to her telepathy, and a crystallized diamond form. While this makes her a strong partner for the X-Men, it also causes her to lose empathy for others.

2 Eros

Starfox, also known as Eros, plays a mid-credits scene of The Eternals, played by Harry Styles. This character is an Eternal and the brother of Thanos, but by the looks appears to be more charming and heroic than his family member. Don''t be fooled by Harry Styles'' charm, as Eros is a dangerous character in the movies.

Eros'' core abilities include the ability to manipulate people''s emotions. This has allowed him to do some heinous things, including sexually assaulting a married lady. He was defended in court by Jennifer Walters, also known as She-Hulk, whom he also manipulated into being seduced by him.

1 Loki

Loki, the Trickster God of Asgard and brother to Thor, has a long history of being manipulative. It''s through Loki''s manipulation of Hulk, which eventually led to the initial formation of the Avengers. However, Loki''s most surprising character development in the comics is his transition to becoming a hero.

Loki has benefited from his deceit and manipulation for good, although these times are few and far between. In Mighty Avengers, Loki took on the appearance of Wanda Maximoff to convince the Avengers to confront the Elder God Chthon. He also manipulated Norman Osborn to lead an attack on Asgard.