The Bizarre Adventure Novels from Jojo Need to Be Animated

The Bizarre Adventure Novels from Jojo Need to Be Animated ...

It''s good to get reminded that there''s plenty of time to peak in a world where people are encouraged to go through life. Hirohiko Araki was already a well-known and popular manga artist in Japan. However, before 2012, Jojos Bizarre Adventure was just another cult series. Regardless, Jojo was nowhere near Naruto or Dragonball''s level of fame.

So far, the David Productions anime series has expanded, covering all of Jojos parts up to Stone Ocean. But now the series is possible on the go. There is a possibility the well will run dry, as well as novel versions. Here are seven Jojo''s Bizarre Adventure books that would benefit from animation.

7 Jojos Bizarre Adventure Over Heaven

Father Pucci had planned to sort out the details of Dio''s Heavenly Ascension plan from his diary. Stardust Crusaders hero Jotaro Kujo burned it, but Pucci found a way around that. However, what Dio would have written in it, if it were his life story? What Nisio Isin of Bakemonogatari''s intention is to say it.

Dios'' history, his family relationships, his philosophy on Heaven, meeting other stand users, like Daniel J.DArby and Noriaki Kakyoin, and more events in the vampires life are discussed in this book. However, there is a lot of interesting about Dios'' side of things, which might make for an interesting television special or OVA.

6 Jorge Joestar

Being non-canon does not mean a story can''t be fun or worthwhile. Jorge Joestar is a good example, as its perhaps the strangest side-story in the franchise. Written for the 25th anniversary, the story follows Joseph Joestar''s father George and his alternate universe teenage counterpart, Jorge Joestar.

Georges chapters are a fairly straightforward account of his life, from growing up with Lisa Lisa to joining the RAF. Jorges chapters are a wild, universe-hopping tale in which he has to solve a murder in Morioh with the help of bizarre versions of the Nijimura Brothers (one of whom has three dolphins for a Stand) this somehow leads Jorge to take on 37 versions of Battle Tendency''s villain Kars before joining George in order to stop his Heavenly Ascension plan.

5 So Spoke Kishibe Rohan Short Story Collection

Everyone knows about Arakis Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan''s side-series. It''s basically his version of The Twilight Zone, where Diamond is Unbreakable, and Rohan recounts a strange horror or mystery story. Araki has kept the series going on and off since 1997, and its even received an anime series and a live-action TV drama. One of the television dramas episodes featured a story that appeared to come out of nowhere, including people being possessed by a kusha

The Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan short story collection included eight different stories from Ballad Kitaguni, Ryo Yoshigami, Yusuke Iba, and Mirei Miyamoto. These include Rohan''s encounter with a monkey that makes its victims mute, or a puzzle box that gives them peace. However, none of these stories have been animated yet.

4 Rohan At the Louvre

Rohan Kishibe Goes to Gucci are among the most famous of the videos released during the Comics campaign in 2009, which focuses on Rohan, who was left to die in a mystery, with an old crush, and an evil painting that was painted with the darkest black possible.

As Rohan prepares against his worries, desires, and his future, it was even written by Araki himself, though it suggests Rohan always had his Stand, contrary to how he got it in Diamond is Unbreakable. With some clarification, it would be a great addition to the other So Spoke Kishibe Rohan stories.

Jojos Bizarre Adventure 4th Another Day in The Book

Rohan has more than enough side stories, so how is it that one focused on his (begrudging) friend Koichi? Written by Otsuichi, The Book is a non-linear story dividing between two main characters: Chiho Futaba, an aspiring writer, Takuma Hasumi, a man with an extremely accurate memory, and Akari Hirai, a woman trapped in an alleyway by a vengeful architect called Teruhiko Ogami

The plots come together as a result of a series of bizarre killings throughout Morioh, as well as how they all connect to Takuma and his Stand, the Book, which can also collect Takuma''s memories and implant them in other people''s heads. For example, Josuke, Rohan, and the rest of the gang help Koichi with a plot of plots and plots. It also makes for a fascinating story that includes a number of twists and turns.

2 Golden Heart, Golden Ring

The full name of this story is a bit similar to that of GioGios Bizarre Adventure II, but rather a 1.5. Before Giorno and his crew get Diavolo, they befriend a young lady who was quickly identified as Coniglio, or Coni for short. Its the only thing that saved her when a hotel was struck by a deadly illness that killed everyone else. Bucciarati and the gang get together, with a stand that allows Coni to track her

The narrative retells Fugos'' departure from the group using elements Araki dropped from the main story, such as Giornos immunity to Purple Hazes disease. It''s a good way of closing off Fugos'' involvement in the plot. However, there''s a more popular novel about him that usually comes to mind first.

1 Purple Haze Feedback

Vento Aureo, Kohei Kadono''s father, has been forced to kill off Maximo Volpe and his Narcotics Team, aided by fellow rogues Shiela E and Cannolo Murolo.

The story reveals a fascinating villain in Volpe and his Stand Manic Depression, which can alter the body''s chemical composition and synthesize drugs. Part of it also explains what happened to other characters in Vento Aureo. The book is named after the book and the film re-enacts.