How Red Dead Redemption 3 Can Be More Realistic Than RDR2

How Red Dead Redemption 3 Can Be More Realistic Than RDR2 ...

Red Dead Redemption 2 is perhaps the most sought-after title from Rockstar Games. Its meticulous attention to detail and wonderful world building is simply incredible, and the story that unfolds over six chapters and two epilogues will sit with players for months after the credits roll. Arthur Morgan''s romp across New Hanover and its surrounding states does well to wrap its audience in a setting that feels equally fantasy-inspired and realistic, but the gameplay (for as slow as it can be at times) also adheres to the principle that immersion

While the game is quite functional in its appearances, there are a few things that hinder players. Being a game, it will always be restricted by hardware, as well as the need for fun that often arises as a result of the suspension of disbelief. It''s a strange fact why the studio worked so hard to create a world that is truly true to reality. There are several things that Rockstar can do to accomplish this.

A New Setting for Red Dead Redemption

The Red Dead Redemption games have embraced a similar approach to setting. While the first focus on New Austin and the second on the fictional state of New Hanover, both games are drawn from real-world events. Regardless of whether the game is on the border of Mexico in Texas and New Mexico or the bayous of Louisiana, both games have clear inspiration. However, the maps aren''t as precise as they might be, and there''s still a lot of potential for Rockstar to utilize artistic license to make the area more diverse

Taking the same approach as Watch Dogs 2 or even L.A. Noire took and setting Red Dead Redemption 3 in a non-fictional setting would make a difference when it comes to keeping players engaged for the long haul. An open-ended area with a real historical structure can make all the difference when it comes to keeping players engaged in the long run.

Realism of Red Dead Redemption 2 wasn''t limited to gameplay.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was completely new, but the game''s appearance was also enhanced by the hardware it was on. Taking advantage of the present generation of consoles would give the developer the opportunity to fix some of the difficulties that splintered immersion. On the other hand, Arthur''s pistols would magically appear on his back when he hopped onto his steed, and it seemed like the game was hanging by a thread. It''s a slippery slope, because when the game requires to break it in

The gameplay of Red Dead Redemption 2 is already quite slow-paced, and therefore, considering going deeper into this in a bid to maintain the series'' lifelike presentation would be an interesting endeavor. Moreover, realistic gameplay is the primary reason that the game is so popular among its gamers, but it is important to seek out a solution to these challenges. In order to do so, Red Dead Redemption 3 must find a way to remove the handful of incorrect animations or gameplay flaws that often result in a similar experience.

The Reality of Cowboys

Cowboys were never shown as they were after the Civil War, but it would not help the series'' lawless and virulent storytelling. While Hollywood and other sources of entertainment would imply that the western states of the United States were abandoned by reason and law enforcement, the reality is that cowboys were far from appealing. The majority of their run-ins with the law were based on poor working conditions, not due to their misbehaviour.

The entire Red Dead Redemption franchise was built on the basis that outlaws and policemen dominated the stage, and this was not quite the case. However, to eradicate it of its core identity would only benefit fans of Red Dead Redemption 3, but it would need to diminish the mature themes and fictional hyperbole that plagues both the games and the whole Western genre. Succeeding Red Dead Redemption 2 will be near-impossible if the next game does not meet some of the narrative expectations.

The second game is still the cream of the crop. Although its accuracy is one of the improvements it made to its predecessor, many users are concerned about what the game gives up in search of lifelike animations and locations. Although Red Dead Redemption 3 will certainly be leading the charge when it comes to release, the historical value will be dependent on the developer''s skill.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now available on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.