Destiny 2: The Top 10 Swords, Ranked

Destiny 2: The Top 10 Swords, Ranked ...

Season of the Worthy brought many changes to Destiny 2, one of the most significant being a revamp to Swords. Their stats have been updated, their bonuses have been rebalanced, and their overall power has been increased.

Swords is one of the most frequent used Heavy weapons in the game for PvE. Although some players avoid this archetype due to boss stomps, many individuals prefer Swords because their perk pool is so different. Swords are among the best weapons in the game, and everyone should have some good ones. Here are the ten best Swords you can use in Destiny 2.

Season of the Haunted introduced the Heartshadow Sword to the game, a powerful Exotic weapon that has some clear synergies with Void subclasses. This list has been updated, discussing the benefits of having a weapon that can debuff targets and make you invisible.

10 Sola''''s Scar

How to get Osiris matches and Engrams.

Sola''s Scar is an objectively superior version of Temptation''s Hook. It uses the same Caster Frame as the Sword, releasing a Solar projectile with its severe attack. This Sword is used in conjunction with the Wrath of Rasputin mod, which can then produce Warmind Cells.

This Sword can roll with some fantastic perks, including Chain Reaction. Whenever an enemy dies to your Sword, a light or heavy attack will scatter out a wave of enemies, making it absurdly beneficial in both PvE and PvP. Sola''s Scar can also roll traditional perks like Vorpal Weapon and Assassin''s Blade for those who prefer a straight damage increase. This Sword, however, is worth chasing.

Recommended Traits:

  • Column One: Tireless Blade, Relentless Strikes
  • Column Two: Vorpal Weapon, Chain Reaction, Assassin''''s Blade

9 Quickfang

How to Get Legendary world Engrams and focused Umbral Engrams.

Quickfang, the only non-sunset Lightweight Frame Sword in Destiny 2, has a unique skill. While equipped, you move and sprint faster than normal, and this Sword''s heavy attack is a mobile lunge attack. Since it''s a class sword, only Hunters can use it.

Quickfang can roll with some fantastic benefits. This is the only Sword that can roll with One for All, giving it a massive damage buff if you can hit three unique targets. Assassin''s Blade is also still present if you want to use Quickfang to move quickly. Thresh and Energy Transfer are also included in the first column.

Traits for Excellence:

  • Column One: Relentless Strikes, Thresh
  • Column Two: One for All, Assassin''''s Blade, En Garde

8 Bequest

How to Get: Deep Stone Crypt (Taniks encounter)

This Sword, which is easily one of the best you can use right now, is despite Bequest''s adversity in the Deep Stone Crypt raid. Each Adaptive Sword has a great perk pool and an impact rating, thus it does more damage than any other Adaptive Sword.

With the nudgeless Blade and Surrounded, this weapon will cost you a lot of damage per strike, exceeding what Falling Guillotine is capable of. Bequest is a fantastic strategy for all gamestyles, and it''s quite straightforward to operate once you get a raid team together.

Traits to Staying Urgent

  • Column One: Tireless Blade, Relentless Strikes
  • Column Two: Surrounded, Assassin''''s Blade

7 Razor''''s Edge

How to Find: Iron Banner Matches and Engrams.

Falling Guillotine has officially been outclassed. Razor''s Edge is the same frame as Falling Guillotine, but it also has much improved capabilities. Wellspring and Chain Reaction is a fantastic perk combination that makes this Sword fantastic at killing hordes of red bars and majors, all while giving ability energy. You may also get a more traditional roll of Tireless Blade and One for All. If you''re planning to harvest Iron Banner anytime soon, keep an eye on it.

Traits to Use:

  • Column One: Tireless Blade, Wellspring
  • Column Two: Chain Reaction, One for All, Assassin''''s Blade

6 Heartshadow

How to Get: Duality Dungeon (final encounter).

Heartshadow is a Sword that is geared towards Void builds, specifically Nightstalkers. This blade has a massive attack that causes a series of Void projectiles to suffer significant damage when they contact an enemy. A 15% Weaken attack is the result of strong attacks.

This weapon allows you to perform a heavy attack five times, then heavy attacking again. However, the damage is about on the same level with most Legendary Swords, but the value of this weapon is unsurpassed. For solo Lost Sector and dungeon runs, the damage you inflict can be beneficial in Master or GM content. Heartshadow is a fantastic pick if you''re considering constructing a Void.

5 Hero Of Ages

How to get: Avarice''s Grasp

Hero of Ages is a medieval Sword that has been combined with a sense of space. This Vortex Frame is the only of its kind, capable of rolling with Demolitionist and Chain Reaction simultaneously. The Sword kills and Chain Reaction explosions will both give grenade force, perfect for certain builds.

If add-clear Swords aren''t your style, Hero of Ages can also roll with Relentless Strikes and One for All to assist with defeating majors and bosses. It won''t defeat Lament or Black Talon for single-target boss DPS, yet its incredible add-clearing potential makes Hero of Ages one of the best Swords you can currently farm for.

Traits to Ensure Theme:

  • Column One: Demolitionist, Relentless Strikes
  • Column Two: Chain Reaction, One for All

4 Half-Truths

What''s the difference between Xur''s Treasure Trove and the world?

The Halo energy Sword has made it into Destiny 2. Well, half of the Sword made it. Half-Truths is an energy blade in the Adaptive archetype, and it has some of the greatest benefits we''ve ever seen on a Sword thus far.

Half-Truth''s ace up its sleeve is Eager Edge, a propelled sword lunge distance after immediately switching to your Sword. This lunge distance is immense, extending further than Worldline Zero''s Exotic perk. Skating with Swords is now available for all skill levels, even Hunters.

Half-Truths is a fantastic strategy. Duelist''s Stance and Assassin''s Blade are excellent workhorse weapons that can easily kill majors. Keep your eyes on the wheels with Tireless Blade and Harmony if you don''t like Swords. Consider farming for a good Half-Truths roll.

Traits to Preserved:

  • Column One: Duelist''''s Stance, Tireless Blade
  • Column Two: Eager Edge, Assassin''''s Blade, Harmony

3 Black Talon

Exotic Engrams found on Xur or the world are on the rise.

Black Talon is one of Destiny 2''s strongest Exotics, which mixes the high damage of Swords with the safety of the most extensive weapons.

Black Talon offers a level of damage and safety that no other Sword can match. This weapon''s heavy attack attack has Void projectiles that track targets. Its Catalyst also gives a buff similar to Counterattack after players block an attack. Black Talon is a fantastic alternative if you don''t own Lament.

2 The Other Half

How to get: Xur''s Treasure Trove (low drop chance)

If you couldn''t say, this is the second half of the Halo Energy Sword, completeing the Half-Truths Sword used by Xur''s Treasure Trove. Both Swords might look the same, but The Other Half is a bit more powerful perk combinations than its Arc counterpart.

This Sword is rolled with Eager Edge in its first column instead of the second column, allowing you to use this Sword''s absurd abilities alongside a damage perk like Vorpal Weapon. The second column is fantastic, offering you options like Vorpal Weapon, Frenzy, and Whirlwind Blade. The weapon''s only downside is the capability, however, this Sword is somewhat compensated for. This Sword is great for a large number of reasons, thanks to Xur''s Treasure Trove.

Traits to Avoid

  • Column One: Eager Edge, Relentless Strikes
  • Column Two: Frenzy, Whirlwind Blade, Vorpal Weapon

1 The Lament

How to get a "Lost Lament" quest. Requires Beyond Light ownership.

The Falling Guillotine isn''t capable of matching Lament''s raw damage output, which is an Exotic chainword that was pulled straight from Warhammer 40K and placed in the Destiny universe.

The block button will cause Lament to rise, causing light attacks to unleash a flurry of deadly attacks on Banshee''s Wail. Get this buff to x9, then use a heavy attack to expend every charge, causing the damage to who you are near. This Sword is well-known in GM Nightfalls and even raids but you''ll not find a better Sword than Lament.