Floppy Knights' Top 8 Units

Floppy Knights' Top 8 Units ...

Floppy Knights is a game aimed at making your deck as large as possible and cramming it with as many useful and helpful cards. Ideally, you should probably think carefully before you force all of those beautifully drawn cards into your deck of 30.

Floppy Knights is a one-of-the-best indie tactic games, which offers plenty of space to play with when it comes to your deck. From apples with legs to dark mushrooms with a lot of health, these units are the best in the game and certainly deserve a spot in it.

8 Captain Thistle

Captain Thistle is the first commander unit you''ll get, and arguably the best. Not only do they feature one of the coolest designs in the game, but they also deal the greatest amount of damage in the early game. Captain Thistle is a force to be reckoned with.

Their cycle card, Plow Ahead, is a''move'' approach that is apparently a better way of dealing with the rest of the crew. Although Captain Thistle may not be the crippling health or the sheer force of other commanders, it is a fantastic all-rounder that will decimate your foes in time and effort.

7 Applejacker

Applejacker, like a whole lot of the Hooligan units, is fantastic. It''s simple to break apart. What they lack in speed - literally an apple on legs, what you expect - they more than make up for in strength. If you need a decent bodyguard for your commander unit, Applejacker is definitely the one for you.

Smoke Bomb, a special card developed by the manufacturer, is extremely versatile. It allows a unit to move and then turns them invisible for a turn. It''s quite effective, especially if you find yourself in a difficult situation and need to get out of it as quickly as possible.

6 Barrel Cactus

This huge beefy barrel boy is one of the best cards in the game and for good reason. Barrel Cactus is having seven health points before any upgrades. That''s the second-highest in the game for non-commander units. Even outside that, Barrel Cactus can cause area damage, which affects any unit in adjacent squares. He''s as deadly as he is adorable.

Barrel Cactus, which restores three health points to any one of your units, is a massive amount of incentive to recover. It''s possible that life or death will be made more permanent.

5 Succulent Kicker

Succulent Kicker isnt the most powerful card when measured at face value. It moves quickly, but does barely any damage, and falls in one hit. However, you can trust it to secure your deck.

Succulent Kicker isn''t only a good cannon fodder or a good at standing on portals, but they''re also great for punching yourself with additional cards when playing. Succulent Kicker allows you hop (a movement card that costs zero energy) and kick (a knockback attack card). Basically, you get free movement and another chance to do damage.

4 Birdseye

Birdseye is a jack-of-all-trades, so to speak. They have three health, three attack, and four speed. This means they can move moderately fast, take two hits most of the time, and deal with a substantial amount of damage. On a surface level Birdseye is nothing spectacular.

The addition card that they provide for your deck makes them unique. Mock allows you to mimic damage output of any other enemy unit on the field. Mock may be an especially useful tool in your arsenal.

3 Bamboomer

Bamboomer is the best ranged set in the series of Floppy Knights. Its length is a whopping three squares in any direction, meaning you may reasonably deal a lot of damage from afar without the enemy touching you. They also do a significant amount of damage, more so than Chuckie, which is the only other unit with a range of three squares.

The Bamboomers extra card isnt particularly special. Roots allows you to move a unit and if they were on a forest tile then they may move another two squares. It isn''t bad by any means, and a free movement card is always appreciated. Its simply not great compared to some other units. Nevertheless, Bamboomer should still be a core component of any deck in Floppy Knight.

2 Spitunia

Spitunia is one of the numerous enemies that can cause poison damage. In Floppy Knights it can be extremely effective as enemies lose health before they can move. Don''t fear as they''ll be dead before their feet can leave the ground.

Spitunia doesn''t have a lot of damage, but they have a large variety of techniques, which are fantastic as a support unit. They also include a poison shot card to your deck, which is a handy bonus and an always appreciated additional attack.

1 Shady Shroom

If you thought that Barrel Cactus was capable of doing well, then you should give them ten health points. Impossible, inconceivable, unheard of. Its pretty impressive and this cool dude knows it. Just look at the suave mushroom with its cool black jacket and shady eyes. Totally radical.

Shady Shroom, like Barrel Cactus, does area damage, although it''s not a huge amount. It''s a frustrating amount of difficulty - especially when compared to other Hooligan units. Despite its slow movement speed, you may not feel like having Shady Shroom getting into your deck. However, we recommend it simply because to how many hits it can take before falling. It''s one of the many viable 2D turn-based combat games.