Where to Find Every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Shredder's Revenge

Where to Find Every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in Shredder's Revenge ...

Turtles for Teenage Mutant: Shredder''s Revenge offer a number of side activities for you to explore and complete, allowing you to hop in for subsequent tours to discover every collectible, level every character up, avoid the sometimes obvious challenges you faced during your first encounter.

Besides doing some side tasks, each episode of the game''s sixteen episodes includes ten Cameos, which may open the door to even more quests or hit you square in the nostalgia if it''s a character you have fond memories of the Turtles'' previous adventures. However, it''s worthwhile to seek each one of these Cameos out if you want to earn every Achievement/Trophy, earn EXP, or unlock even more missions.

Cameo 1: Burne Thompson

Burne Thompson is the first discovered Cameo in Shredder''s Revenge and is seen in the game''s first episode, "Jaw-Breaking News!" To locate him, progress through the mission as you expected, until you reach a room with purple carpet and a door at the right of a large number "6." To the right of the door will also be three windows, with two having graffiti on them.

Once in this room, you will notice the door falling out because to someone hitting it from the other side. Walk over and give it a few good smacks to open it up and reveal Burne Thompson! Burne will unlock his office in the overworld and provide you with access to the Classic Headlines Special Request.

  • Episode One: Jaw-Breaking News!
  • Burne''''s Office
  • Classic Headlines Special Request

Cameo 2: Irma

Irma is being spotted at the end of the game''s first alleyway, which was just after passing the "TV Zone" area. Look for a green apartment building with two garbage bags on either side of the staircase, causing it to fall. Walk up to the door and give it a good hit!

Irma is freed; she will provide you with a Special Request to find five Secret Diaries in the game''s sixteen chapters.

  • Episode Two: Big Apple, 3 pm
  • Irma''''s Apartment
  • Secret Diaries Special Request

Cameo 3: Attila The Frog

In the fourth episode of "Rumble in the Zoo," Attila the Frog is discovered. Just before you enter the zoo, keep an eye on an exposed manhole on the road and two large mailboxes on the sidewalk behind it. Once at this screen, make your way onto the sidewalk and destroy the mailboxes to free Attila!

If Attila is the fourth Punk Frog you discovered, he will''t unlock anything for you. Despite his appearance, he is one of the game''s sixteen episodes, which is crucial to obtain access to the Disgusting Bugs special request.

  • Episode Four: Rumble in the Zoo
  • 1/4 Punk Frogs for Disgusting Bugs Special Request

Cameo 4: Genghis Frog

The second Punk Frog, Genghis Frog, will be discovered in Episode Five, where you must first arrive at the sewers, which requires you to proceed onward as expected until you see a large vault door on the sewer walls. To open the vault door, hit the rustic valve crank, revealing Genghis Frog on the other side!

Genghis is one of the four Punk Frogs you will need to find to access their hideout, which gives you access to the Disgusting Bugs Special Request. If Genghis isn''t your fourth Punk Frog, you will need to find the others, which we cover here.

  • Episode Five: King of the Spill
  • 2/4 Punk Frogs for Disgusting Bugs Special Request

Cameo 5: Napoleon Bonafrog

Napoleon Bonafrog is the third Punk Frog you can see in Shredder''s Revenge and is featured in the game''s sixth episode, "Mall Meltdown." The level you will need to play through the level as you normally would before you reach the theater''s entrance. A red carpet will be displayed near the entrance, as well as a cardboard cutout of the Punk Frogs!

Napoleon is one of the four Punk Frogs required to have access to their secret retreat, where you will gain access to their Special Request to find Disgusting Bugs. If you followed this guide from the start, Napoleon would be the number three, leaving one left to find, which we will demonstrate below!

  • Episode Six: Mall Meltdown
  • 3/4 Punk Frogs for Disgusting Bugs Special Request

Cameo 6: Vernon Fenwick

In the sixth episode of "Mall Meltdown," Vernon Fenwick will be hidden away! To free him, walk through the level until you take an escalator up to the second floor and into Crystal Arcade. Once inside the Arcade, you will see a couple of Foot Ninjas playing on the cabinets and a popcorn machine in front of the left wall. Give the popcorn machine a good whack to reveal him!

You will have access to Vernon Fenwick''s Channel 6 Van in the overworld. Visit Vernon in his van to receive his Special Request, where he asks you to find five VHS tapes throughout the game''s sixteen episodes.

  • Episode Six: Mall Meltdown!
  • Channel 6 Van
  • VHS Tapes Special Request

Cameo 7: Rasputin The Mad Frog

In the sixth episode, "Crisis at Coney Island!" Rasputin, the Mad Frog, will be hidden away! When you make your way across the boardwalk next to the beach, keep your eyes peeled for a hotdog stand. After rescuing the fourth Punk Frog, you should take it down!

Rasputin should be the fourth and last Punk Frog who has traveled to the New York City Retreat via the game''s overworld and will get you access to their Special Request to find Disgusting Bugs throughout the sixteen episodes of Shredder''s Revenge.

  • Episode Nine: Crisis at Coney Island!
  • 4/4 Punk Frogs for Disgusting Bugs Special Request
  • Punk Frogs'''' New York City Retreat
  • Disgusting Bugs Special Request

Cameo 8: Dask

Dask is the first Neutrino you can discover on the game''s eleventh episode, "Dinosaur Stampede!" To free Dask, make your way through the level until you have reached a room with a painting and red tents. Once there, Foot Ninjas will begin attacking you, remove them, and remain in the area. Break open the wooden crate to reveal Dask!

Dask is the one of three Neutrinos you can find throughout the game, and finding all three of them will give you access to their hangout and allows you to take on their special request to find Crystal Shards. If Dask is your first Neutrino Cameo, here''s what we cover below!

  • Episode Eleven: Dinosaur Stampede!
  • 1/3 Neutrino for Crystal Shards Special Request

Cameo 9: Kala

Kala is located in the seventh episode of "Technodrome Redux" early in the level, as you progress through it as you normally would, you will end up in an area with grenade-hurling enemies and tiny robot spiders that will result in a terrible encounter. In this area, there will also be three dome-like objects in the background, as long as the right one is wide open. After all, you''ll be able to go to the left dome and bust it open with an attack

If you''ve followed this guide from the start, Kala should be the second Neutrino Cameo you saved, leaving one additional one left. All three Neutrino will unleash their hangout in the overworld, allowing you to take on their Special Request to find Crystal Shards.

  • Episode Thirteen: Technodrome Redux
  • 2/3 Neutrino for Crystal Shards Special Request

Cameo 10: Zak

Zak is the tenth and final Cameo in Shredder''s Revenge, which features the game''s fourteenth episode, "The Lost Archenemies." Once in the ground, Zak will fight several Foot Ninjas and stumble across a coral-like plant. Take care of the laser guns and Ninjas before heading to the coral plant and smash it to free him!

Then, rescuing Zak should give you access to the Dimension X Hangout in the game''s overworld. Visiting their hangout will allow you to start their Special Request, which involves you finding Crystal Shards. If you need to find the other Neutrino, please refer to the quick links below.

  • Episode Fourteen: The Lost Archenemies
  • 3/3 Neutrino for Crystal Shards Special Request
  • Dimension X Hangout
  • Crystal Shards Special Request