Diablo Immortal Player Has Finally Had His Legendary Gem After $15,000

Diablo Immortal Player Has Finally Had His Legendary Gem After $15,000 ...

The last time we checked in on streamerQuinand his attempts to earn his place in Diablo Immortal, he had spent $6600 and did not receive a five-star Legendary Gem. I am relieved to report that after more than double his investment, he finally has his loot.

As I said earlier in the month, here is how I wrote.

After a while, you''d get some of the games best gear, a 5-star Legendary Gem, right? Wrong! Because as Quin69 has clearly demonstrated here, the law of averages is inherently cruel and unpredictable, and why bookmakers have been taking advantage of it since the dawn of time, and why games like Diablo Immortal are built on predatory economic strategies designed to exploit peoples most dangerous and vulnerable psychological impulses.

This was when Quin posted that after spending NZD$25,165 (USD$15,818) on the game, and NZD$10,000 of that in a single stream he has his 5-star Legendary Gem:

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Simply buying your way to these items isn''t the only way you can get them, and as weve seen here is indeed the worst way, but that''s not the point. The point here is that having it as an option at all is one of the reasons predatory game economies suck!

When he spoke about his accomplishment, Kotaku AU said: "It''s okay to admit it."

Quin''s reckless spending and deepening fear after failing drops prompted many to wonder about his emotional stability. Unlike others, he explained his point in the ending. A fools errand is a system that allows players to clear out bank accounts while giving little back.

Quin69, for your service, is a pleasure to say goodbye to Diablo Immortal.