Emmerdale explains why Chas Dingle and Al Chapman had a secret kiss

Emmerdale explains why Chas Dingle and Al Chapman had a secret kiss ...

Emmerdale fans will follow.

Emmerdale has revealed why Chas Dingle and Al Chapman have shared a secret kiss.

After an emotional conversation, Chas and Al fell into each other''s arms.

Due to Chas'' pressure to continue chemotherapy, the Dingle family has experienced a lot of conflict, even though it''s not what her mother wants.

Chas was chastised with Paddy in the pub because she assumed an off-hand comment was a crude tale about Kyle''s demise.

After walking out of the pub, she met up with Al to make peace. The two then decided to have everything out once and for all.

Al encouraged Chas to "start accepting" Faith''s diagnosis as he shared his own tale of how his adopted father died during an affair.

"The problem is, no one could have seen it coming." Chas asked him.

Chas returned to promise Faith she would support whatever decision she made about chemo, stating that it''s much easier to know she''ll not let her daughter down.

Chas contacted Al about her father''s past struggles with Faith in regards to hospice options.

"She can do what she wants right now. I''m grateful for it," Chas said.

Chas admitted that she always preferred more of Faith''s impulsiveness, with Al flattering her that she''s fine the way she gets.

She initially thought better and tried to leave, but Al pulled her close to asking: "Please don''t go."

Chas walked out of sight from the rest of the village to kiss Al! Seeing this shocking kiss, one must know that it will not be long before someone close to Chas discovers the truth.

Will Chas'' infidelity have a negative impact on the entire Dingle clan?

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