Did you spot the secret Marvel comeo at the Umbrella Academy?

Did you spot the secret Marvel comeo at the Umbrella Academy? ...

Season 3 spoilers for The Umbrella Academy follow.

Every day comic book worlds overlap and the Easter eggs are hidden in such clear vision that they are easy to miss.

For The Umbrella Academy''s new third season, this was a surprise surprise.

Unfortunately, it wasn''t Hawkeye that sounded in to save the siblings'' day, but Jeremy Renner''s song did provide some good things in episode four.

The Netflix series has been known to employ a quirky and diverse soundtrack to choreograph scenes from ''Hazy Shade of Winter'' by Gerard Way (the creator of the comic book series the show is based on) to ''Quando Quando.''

Renner''s cover of The Animal''s ''House of the Rising Son'' has been added to the gallery.

The song dominated the episode, accompanied by flashback scenes that followed a young Harlan Cooper as he grown up with his mother, Sissy, in-between the seasons, ending with the boy misusing his abilities to a destructive end.

Renner has been a musician for years, having released two albums and a musical composition combining original and cover songs.

In season 3, the creator of the show, Steve Blackman, talked about handling Viktor Hargreeves'''' transition in the third season, owing to Elliot Page''s arrival as transgender.

''We wanted to present a narrative that was really pro-trans, genuine, sensitive, and that families can accept trans people in their lives, and it does not have to be a negative thing, as it''s often depicted in the media.''''Alsaid: "We wanted to tell a story that was effective, authentic, and sensitive," he said.

Seasons 1-3 of The Umbrella Academy are now streaming on Netflix.