Following a disagreement with Jay, Love Island's Ekin-Su gets support from fans

Following a disagreement with Jay, Love Island's Ekin-Su gets support from fans ...

Ekin-Su''s hopes that Jay''s "chemistry" might result in a possible happy-ever-after went up in flames during tonight''s episode of Love Island (Jun 23) on January 23, but supporters were there.

A brief conversation between the two that he thought was all-clear to pursue things with Paige ended up stumbling both girls.

During the episode, a happy Jay was seen kissing Jacques, stating that Ekin-Su couldn''t have taken the news "any better" and contemplating requesting his consent.

Despite coming from a place of confidence ("I don''t have anything to worry about"), Jacques'' approval only succeeded in sending Paige to tears.

Paige remained unable to support Tasha and Antigoni despite the new girl''s encouraging remarks that Jacques had just been asking her to choose him.

"I have the opportunity to meet with Jay, but my mind''s not in it. My mind''s on [Jacques],," she said in tears.

A storming Ekin-Su approached him as he shook hands. He was irritated, but he accused him of being "safe" in the coupling with her, because he knew that she''d pick him.

"You might have known Paige from the day dot." "Now you wanted to get Paige funny that, isn''t it?" she said.

"Why would you open up to me?" "Why would you teach me... all these cute things so my head wouldn''t turn. Do you know how muggy it is?"

Jay was surprised by the argument, and he was choppy for a few seconds before trying to defend himself.

What it was emphasized for him was that "there''s a romantic connection and physical connection between us," but the more I got to know you... I just discovered that maybe we''re not personality compatibil."

While Jay''s side was not, he did not win over Love Island''s public on this one, who plummeted behind Ekin-Su.

ekin-su hasn''t really done anything that bad to support the other people''s constant aggression, so here''s why anyone thinks they have a moral high ground to stand on#LoveIsland

Ekin-Su has the best stans! Ekin-Su hive!!! #TALKSWITHASH

She has done a few controversies, but she is such a sweet person. Poor girl does not deserve the harassment she has received in the villa. #loveisland

Tasha is far worse than Ekin-su, but she''s just sly about it #LoveIsland

#loveisland is the media villain vs the real villain #loveisland

With Ekin-Su, a new guy Charlie might be interested in taking up Jay''s place.

"I''m not going to give up until I find the guy that suits me," she said later on, before embarking on a date with him that included a hot tub and a lot of bubbles.

Will Charlie assist heal Ekin-su''s broken heart?

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