The Top 10 Best One Chicago Series Friendships

The Top 10 Best One Chicago Series Friendships ...

The One Chicago Universe has been around for over ten years, starting with the Chicago Fire and ending with its most recent addition, Chicago Justice (lasting only one season). In those ten years, they have become one of the finest Chicago shows, revealing memorable storylines and relatable characters. One of the best things these characters have done is maintain friendships, allowing viewers to see some of the most authentic and loyal friendships on television.

From friendships in which one of the actors has seen the other die, to coworkers who have been there for each other since the beginning of their careers, One Chicago has something for everyone. These friendships will last until the programming closes.

Kim Burgess and Kevin Atwater (Chicago P.D.)

Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) and Kevin Atwater (LaRoyce Hawkins) began their careers as police officers, forming a friendship. From the start, they seemed to have a strong connection and shared values. However, when Atwater was promoted, he became a member of the Intelligence Unit before Burgess.

The friendship between them remained the test of time and through every challenge they have become part of each other''s support system. Atwater and his family were the first people to assist answer questions the new mom had no answers for. They are a family.

Daniel Charles and Sharon Goodwin (Chicago Med)

The Chicago Med has become one of the best medical dramas on television due to its vast storylines and unusual cases. Among them are Sharon Goodwin (S. Epatha Merkerson) and Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) who have grown friendships over the years. It is unclear if they were friends before they were coworkers, but they have remained supportive throughout the process.

When Goodwin lost his wife and struggled to find his way through grief, Charles was the voice of reason. These medical professionals have remained friends.

Alvin Olinsky and Hank Voight (Chicago P.D.)

Fans of Hank Voight, who attended the show, do not know whether or not to love or hate. Even after Olinsky''s time in prison, Hank always received support from the rest of the department.

Olinsky was one of the few people who understood Voight to his core and who shared his views and beliefs. They used to work in the same manner, hiding bodies together, and doing everything they needed to keep their relatives safe. That is why Olinsky''s death was a difficult experience for Voight, who for a while blamed himself for losing his closest friend.

Otis and Joe Cruz (Chicago Fire)

The members of Firehouse 51 pride themselves on being a family. They bring each other back to and from burning buildings, and they can always count on having a strong support system. However, there are a few friendships that have forged more than that sense of family and belonging. One of these friendships is the one shared between Otis (Yuriy Sardarov) and Joe Cruz (Joe Minoso).

Gabriela Dawson and Sylvie Brett (Chicago Fire)

Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) and Gabriela Dawson are friends on the show as Paramedic on Ambulance 61. One of the reasons why this worked so well was Brett''s friendship.

After Dawson left the show, Brett pursued a friendship with Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) with her ex-husband. There were immediately a few fans who jumped aboard the new ship, but others who refused to accept it. What would this mean for the women''s friendship?

Sharon Goodwin and Maggie Lockwood (Chicago Med)

Sharon Goodwin is probably one of the most trusted and loyal friends on the Chicago Med as her friendship with Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) is another one that stands out. This is a career-long friendship in which both women share a profession and a passion. This friendship remains the same. One in which they feel confident enough to share their experiences and secrets.

Goodwin was the first person to know about Lockwood''s biological daughter and the one to assist her through chemotherapy. Lockwood in return has been there for all of Goodwin''s challenges: her divorce, her sons mingling in the hospital, and her daughters'' pregnancy and surgery. They are always there in times of need.

Kelly Severide and Matthew Casey (Chicago Fire)

Matthew Casey, who was reunited for the sixth season of Season 10, and Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) are among the friendships that extend beyond Firehouse 51. Despite sharing more than one cigar on the rooftop of the firehouse, and being roommates in situations of need, they have shared a bond that goes beyond having similar career paths.

Casey left the show and came back on time for the Severides wedding because that is what friends do. Now, fans do not know when Casey will return again, but they are certain that this friendship will not be forgotten. After all, they have passed through hell and returned together.

Trudy Platt and Hank Voight (Chicago P.D.)

Trudy Platt (Amy Morton) is one of those characters who have little screen time but loses the plot with witty comments and emotions. Just like her, she and Hank Voight have never met other people throughout their entire careers. They are able to balance one another out.

The Desk Sergeant is not just a powerful mentor to the Intelligence Unit, but also for Voight himself. In every case, viewers realize that she always knows what to do and how to react when others may freeze. In every situation, he particularly relies on her to arrive at his destination.

Nadia Decotis and Erin Lindsay (Chicago P.D.)

The loss of a character in any form whether they die or leave is a horrific loss. For those who were fans of Nadia Decotis (Stella Maeve) and Erin Lindsays'' (Sophia Bush) friendship, the loss was double. The relationship between these two women was unexpected but extremely inspirational. Decotis was a prostitute and Lindsay met her on the job, but eventually they became the best of friends.

Kevin Atwater and Adam Ruzek (Chicago P.D.)

Adam Ruzek (Patrick Flueger) has had trouble with several characters for his behavior and attitude throughout the season. It was only until Season 9 that viewers were able to witness his growth and maturity. However, after all of his difficulties and challenges, Atwater has remained a true and loyal friend.

They seem to have different values but still it works. When Atwater had problems with his family and needed to keep his siblings safe, Ruzek was there for him. In return, Atwater has been there for every challenge Ruzek has faced about his father. Beyond being partners and friends, they are friends.