The Dream SMP panel might be VidCon's largest event ever, and filmmakers tease future tales

The Dream SMP panel might be VidCon's largest event ever, and filmmakers tease future tales ...

The first-ever Dream SMP panel was introduced at VidCon 2022, with 13 members of the popular Minecraft server to answer questions and discuss their experiences over the course of an hour.

The Dream SMP Minecraft server was developed by popular creator Dream when he and his friend GeorgeNotFound began the server with the aim to play survival Minecraft alongside a small group of friends. The roster of creators quickly grew as the popularity of the creators increased exponentially.

After a long period, the server evolved into what it is today: a role-playing Minecraft space in which the actors involved create their own characters and reveal their own intertwining tales.

The Dream SMP panel took place on June 23, with creator Jack Manifold as the unofficial host who led the discussions and direction of the Minecraft meeting.

After walking on stage and starting the event, there''s a lot of people there, according to the popular creator. I don''t know this to be a real fact, but all the people backstage have been declaring this is, I believe, the biggest show VidCon has ever had.

The creators who served on the Dream SMP VidCon panel are listed as:

  • Jack Manifold
  • Philza
  • Captain Puffy
  • Tubbo
  • BoomerNA
  • Seapeekay
  • Hannahxxrose
  • Purpled
  • ConnorEatsPants
  • Ranboo
  • TommyInnit
  • Eret
  • Wilbur Soot

Many users of the Minecraft server have been concerned that the experience may have come to an end due to the absence of Dream SMP content recently. Luckily, the creators discussed this topic during the panel as one fan asked Ranboo and Wilbur Soot for her semi-deceased characters.

Ranboo said the Google Doc is available cryptically. It is certainly the script.

Shortly after, a question about the entire panel''s lore creation process and how it differs from creator to creator prompted a discussion about lore on the server.

A lot of the scripts have a general structure, and a lot of it is still improv as well, according to Eret in regard to the delivery process of herlore. Its quite flexible to see how we interact with the different actors as well as how situations unfold throughout the improv.

Though Dream was absent from the event, the creator of the server also revealed that additional Dream SMP content will be released in the near future. Two tweets from the Minecraft creator reveal that there will be massive collaborative Dream SMP news shortly and that the Dream SMP members onstage were doing an incredible job.

In his tweet, Dream referenced the revive book, which his canonical character owns on the server, allows individuals to return to life, and is also a vital component of the Dream SMP tradition.

Everyone on the stage at VidCon is doing an amazing job AND THE FANS?!?! awesome to see people so excited about something we have all spent so much time on.

The first portion of the Dream SMP panel took about 20 minutes of the allocated one hour for the panel. As such, the creators did not have the opportunity to answer as many questions as they would have anticipated. Despite the fact, several of the participants indicated that the event was beneficial. has completely changed our lives.

Thank you so much to everyone, this was an unforgettable experience im tearing up hahaha.

Thank you for your most wonderful life.

Everyone who was just there was amazing holy crao that was awesome I dont think I even know what to say.

rn. it was fantastic