Everything we know about the Lost Origin of the Pokemon TCG

Everything we know about the Lost Origin of the Pokemon TCG ...

A new Pokemon TCG set has been announced by the Pokemon Company this September. The game will include Lost Origin, a new set starring iconic Pokemon in the Hisui region. There are also a number of popular animals involved in Lost Origin, including Giratina, Zoroark, and others.

With the addition of Lost Origin and a previously eliminated gameplay feature will be making its return. Here''s everything you need to know about the upcoming addition.

The next set of Lost Origin Pokemon TCGs is Lost Origin, a new product from Sword and Shield. The new product will be hitting stores in the West on September 9.

The set includes more than 190 cards between the regular set and secret rares. Six of these cards will be of the new VSTAR variety. Giratina, Aerodactyl, Magnezone, Drapion, Hisuian Goodra, and Hisuian Zoroark are some of the most prominent names in the series.

There are 14 V cards in the set and one VMAX card. Kyurem''s VMAX card is available, and alongside this, we currently know of one radiant card in the set, and the one is Gardevoir.

The set will include a trainer gallery with 30 cards featuring a Pokemon and their respective trainer. 15 trainer cards will also include the number of cards in the set.

All of the cards in Lost Origin are from Pokemon OCG sets, including Dark Phantasma, and the upcoming addition, which hasn''t been officially revealed, but is reportedly called Lost Abyss. This will be launched in Japan in July.

The Lost Zone, a game mechanic originally from 2009, was returned in 2018, then retired again until now. The Lost Zone is a discard pile that has no way of retrieving cards. Adding this back into play is sure to spice up the present meta.

Here''s all of the information available about the next Pokemon TCG set Lost Origin, and in the coming months, we should get a sneak peek at new releases.