Patricia Altschuls Butler Michael Kelcourse has died since his stroke

Patricia Altschuls Butler Michael Kelcourse has died since his stroke ...

Patricia Altschuls, a long-time butler, suffered from an acute spinal cord loss last year, and her son Whitney Sudler-Smith was dubbed the Daily Dish on February 23, 2021. However, fans will be happy to know that Kelcourse is doing well and currently living in an assisted care facility in Florida.

In February 2021, Sudler-Smith told Bravo in a statement, and I am sorry to inform you that Michael Kelcourse, affectionately known as Michael The Butler, recently suffered an acute spinal cord infarction, which is often called a spinal cord stroke.''

With the help of the exceptional physicians at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, this tragedy has sparked significant nerve damage and loss. In this difficult time, we are hopeful Michael will continue to recover. Thank you for your respect for Michael''s privacy.

The Brain and Spine Foundation of the United Kingdom believes that a spinal stroke is a disruption in the blood supply to the spinal cord. It believes that a disruption in the blood supply may result in injury or damage to tissues and can injure (nerve impulses) travelling along the spinal cord. It states that blockages (usually blood clots) in the blood supply are responsible for 1.25% of all strokes.

Kelcourse has been diagnosed with a physical therapy program and Altschul shared on Instagram in March 2022, so Michael is now living in his wonderful new assisted care facility with excellent food, great decor, great nurses, and excellent services all around but here is his new address, he may even leave this summer.

Kelcourse has also posted about his home in Sarasota on Instagram. He shared that he has received greetings from well-wishers and described them as a nice sight.

Patricia Altschul (@pataltschul) has shared a post.

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Instagram has shared several updates about the Kelcourses rehabilitation process.

Whitney Sudler-Smith (@wsudlersmith) wrote a post.

Since Sudler-Smith first disclosed his diagnosis, Altschul wrote in November 2021 that Kelcourse was a member of the Shepard Center in Atlanta, renowned for excellence in spinal rehabilitation. She wrote: "We all miss you and are continually impressed by your dedication to overcome this hardship #michaelthebutler #shepardcenter #atlanta."

Kelcourse admitted to the Shepherd Spinal Center boot camp in August 2021, and to the public in October 2021 he spoke with the beyond therapy staff at the center.

Kelcourse was going to a new life at the Florida assisted living facility in February 2022, and she said she had observed that he would be close to his family. On May 28, Michael wrote that she saw her at his favorite seafood restaurant in Sarasota, Florida, and she said she was pleased to see him. Please follow Michael at @michaelkelcourse and send him a happy message.

Kelcourse expressed his delight on his own Instagram, claiming that Altschul had sent him a lovely flower. In one response to a friend asking him if he needed anything, he wrote, Mrs. Altschul has given me all I needed.

Both Kelcourse and Altschul have had conversations about their long-term employment relationship.

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Fans of Southern Charm have fallen in love with Altschul''s butler over the seasons, and sowohl the Charleston grand dame as well as her butler have opened up in the past about their 17-year work relationship. She also told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in 2019.

Sudler-Smith was praised for his mother butler, who is well known to Southern Charm fans for his wonderful conversation, positive outlook, and fantastic cocktail-making. In 2018, Michael, who is dedicated to his mother, told Bravo that he was the world''s nicest guy. He is extremely helpful to my mother because he supports her coterie of animals.

Kelcourse has posted several photos and comments on Instagram reminiscing about his time working for Altschul, including one comment in which he said she was the best lady I ever met. He also added that he spent 17 years caring for the family and loved every minute.