Monster Hunter Rise: The Top 10 Dango to eat

Monster Hunter Rise: The Top 10 Dango to eat ...

Before you start a quest in Monster Hunter: Rise, make sure you have the best dango for the Monster you are about to fight. Each creature will be significantly different, and the dango you eat will offer a series of passive buffs to boost your chances of success.

The Top 10 Dango in Monster Hunter Rise

The Analeptic dango boosts your Medic skill, which means you receive additional health when you use a recovery equipment. This dango improves the effectiveness of every healing item you use during a hunt, which is something almost every hunter will want to have. If you haven''t unlocked this one, the Medicinal dango might be somewhat as a substitute, but it isn''t as powerful as Analeptic.

The variety of Resistance dango you want to use will vary depending on how many Monster you hunt. Waterfall, Lava-hot Egg, Spicejolt, Sub-Zero, and Dragonsbane options are great options for protecting your hunter against specific Monster-type attacks. We recommend checking your hunter manual to see the types of attacks a creature will use against you before making your decision, but these are always good to have as one of your three dango options.

When you eat this dango, you receive two benefits: the second is your weapon sharpening skill, meaning you can recover quickly in a fight. The Mega Barrel Bombs, the second skill effect, are a situational benefit, but they become useful when a monster falls asleep. The Mega Barrel Bombs can be placed down while the creature is sleeping, causing significant damage.

You can stun a monster by tiring them out, then aimlessly attacking them during battle, and then trying to hit their head. However, those who use Blunt-based weapons can have a much simpler time with it. We strongly recommend that you bring this dango to your party to do additional damage to a monster.

If you dodge, block, or use your stamina gauge in combat, the Invigorating dango is a great option for anyone who wants to get out of stamina. Again, if your equipment and weapon demand a substantial amount of stamina, it is a good idea to include it as one of your three choices. In Monster Hunter, every weapon and character requires stamina, and it never hurts to use less.

The Magnacrisp dango is another option with two abilities. One is it gives you the chance to prevent your hunter from fainting when their health drops. One is it greatly increases your hunters'' attack while their health is dangerously low. The dango is a double-edged sword. If you have not fallen during a hunt yet, it will enable your hunter to stay healthy.

If you have recovered from fainting, you must be more careful and not chase after the attack boost. Whenever you faint during a hunt, you receive fewer rewards. We recommend carefully selecting this dango and talking with your party members if this is something you should consider grabbing.

The Spud-luck is a powerful dango and something closely coordinated Monster Hunts should have one hunter grab. With it, any large creature you hunt has an increased chance of being weaker than usual, which means it will not be as difficult to defeat. Of course, there is always a possibility this will not activate during a hunt, but it doesn''t hurt to have one hunter use this before embarking from the village. This effect works on any high-level hunt.

The Super Bestnut dango is an excellent challenge for those who want to endure a lot of damage. There is a good chance your defenses will increase when you take a hit, significantly reduced the amount of damage your hunter takes. You may want to do this when you use a heavy weapon, or when you''re trying something new, and you haven''t quite identified every detail of your moveset. You may also want to grab this when facing powerful creatures like Rajang or Tigrex.

If you''re overly confident of all of the statistics on your hunter, then the very Hap-Peanut is a good method to reap the rewards you receive during a quest. This dango increases the amount of reward items you receive at the conclusion of a quest. If you are considering receiving one, you may want to get this if you are too confident about the outcome of a particular hunt and you are contemplating landing specific rewards that may be dropped at the conclusion of a mission.

The Wealthy Man, the final dango that we will recommend, is that you want to eat it when youre confident about the hunts outcome. At the end of a hunt, you will receive an increase in zenny, which you can use whenever you need more equipment, supplies, or youre building towards a weapon you desire to use with your precious monster materials.