Season 3 of The Boys: Did Starlight join the Seven?

Season 3 of The Boys: Did Starlight join the Seven? ...

We were aware of what most of the attention was focused on in entering The Boysseason 3 tonight on Amazon Prime. There is no denying that from start-to-finish, this is one of the most shocking hours out there, and it will spark plenty of controversy.

But, we know that the most important things from this episode were emotional, particularly when it comes to Starlight making a really big, life-changing decision: She officially has done with the Seven.

Take a look at this new The Boys video for further information. Remember to SUBSCRIBEto Matt and Jess on YouTube were going to have more discussion throughout the remainder of the season.

Annie was recorded by Mothers Milk while she taped a message makingeverythingclear. She was now using the image Vought made for her in order to pursue her own goals, while becoming the light that most parts of the world really need. Shes now using Soldier Boy to take out Homelander in some way.

This move from Starlight is exceptionally brave, owing to that it will also put her on a pretty-certain path to destruction. Lets put it this way: Homelander will certainly want revenge on her, and he may try to use everyone else in the Seven for this goal, however. Shell have some protection owing to her abilities, but how far will that actually take her?

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