Season 3 of The Boys Season 7 Preview: The last before the finale

Season 3 of The Boys Season 7 Preview: The last before the finale ...

Next week, The Boysseason 3 episode 7 will be faced with a potentially daunting task. How do you compare what we just saw on this previous episode? We know already that this is not going to be straightforward in the slightest.

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Story-wise, we at least know that were in a pretty interesting spot in this season. Homelander has someone to legitimately fear in Soldier Boy, as the Jensen Ackles character and a Suped-up Butcher held their own and, at the very least, made him retreat. Despite that, it will be easier said than done.

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While Soldier Boy, Butcher, and Hughie might be interested in a physical approach to Homelander, Starlight is now emerging as a very different kind of adversary. If there is one thing Homelander loves, it is the near-constant adoration he receives. Vought may very well keep doing this, but they don''t necessarily think it because they prefer him by any means; instead, they may know that they have mountains of skeletons in their closets.

As we reach the conclusion of the season, it feels like a surprise to see what will happen next week before the end. Be prepared.

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