A YouTuber creates a massive Xbox Series X console, which works

A YouTuber creates a massive Xbox Series X console, which works ...

Many Xbox fans have speculated on if Microsoft could''ve gone all the way in making a playable Xbox Series X the same size as the fridge. One YouTube content creator has exactly that as they''ve created a massive playable Xbox Series X console that has been donated to the Georgia Youth and Teen Development Center.

Michael Pick posted a video of his creation of a huge playable Xbox Series X console on June 20, complete with instructions on how to do the same at home. The Xbox Series X fridge he gave away during a contest on the launch of the new-gen console, which he noticed some missing details. However, Michael Pick wasn''t content to stop there.

Because Michael Pick''s Xbox Series X design has six and a half feet, the gigantic frame comfortably holds an actual Xbox Series X console inside an easily opened drawer in the back of the console. This means that the power button to the giant Xbox powers the console inside as an arcade machine, and that the Xbox Series X disc drive functions as it should by accepting inserted discs and promptly shooting them out.

Michael Pick has a 3D printed vent for the top of their massive Xbox Series X console, dissipating that the mini-fridge and its big counterpart lacked proper inputs, but also designed and 3D printed giant USB, HDMI, and LAN ports that fit into their individual consoles that match the date they will be on an Xbox Series X. The power button used by Michael Pick was made in a way to make light shine through once the giant Xbox is turned on. It also has a yellow under

While many YouTube viewers applauded Michael Pick''s enormous Xbox Series X, others celebrated its arrival at the Atlanta YMCA. Michael Pick received a Guinness World Record for the world''s largest Xbox console in developing this working Xbox Series X, something many observers express their displeasure. However, the Xbox fridge may have juggled Michael Pick when it didn''t work like an Xbox, but Xbox may not have acknowledged the content creator if not for their playable Xbox Series X.