FIFA 22: The Best Premier League Team Build For FUT

FIFA 22: The Best Premier League Team Build For FUT ...

The English Premier League is not just the most-viewed domestic football league in the world, but it is also a fan-favorite when it comes to assembling Ultimate Team builds in FIFA''s extremely popular FUT game mode. After all, the EPL is where many of the best teams and top-performing players ply their trade, which is reflected by their FIFA 22 statistics.

On the other hand, the popularity of the Premier League has inevitably increased the prices of the best player cards from that competition. For example, purchasing an 85-rated striker from the EPL will cost FIFA players much more than buying a La Liga footballer with the same scores. That is not to say that players on tight budgets are all out of luck. There are still plenty of budget options one can buy to complete their Premier League FUT team without breaking the bank.

Maciej Grzymkowski''s update on June 23, 2022 shows off one final swan song before being inevitably eliminated by the next entry in the EA Sports'' juggernaut. Players interested in advancing into the Ultimate Team mode should probably focus on the English Premier League, by far the most popular option in FUT. With many low-priced, high-quality cards available on the market, one can create a decent team of talented footballers even on a tight budget. This article was updated with was used as a source for the average prices of the players. Please note that this figure does vary frequently.


  • Best option: Ederson
  • Budget option: Edouard Mendy
  • Alternative choice: David de Gea

Manchester City''s main goalkeeper is famous for his frequent blunders, especially with the ball on his feet. Despite his poor decision-making in a few high-profile games, Ederson can''t be denied the title of the best goalkeeper in England''s top division. His 87-rated diving and an 88 reflexes stat are guaranteed to protect many players'' skin in key moments of their FUT matches.

Ederson''s prices might reach around 35,000 coins, although they may be out of many new players'' budget range. Edouard Mendy, from Chelsea, is a viable alternative to Ederson. With strong reflexes (84) and good handling (82), he is definitely worth more than the 2,500 coins he''s currently priced at.

David de Gea has never had a fascination with English football fans. Despite his ten-year career at Manchester United, he is an established starter and club legend who can still get some spectacular saves despite being too active in the game for decades. In FIFA 22, he purchases around 7,000 coins, which is quite cheap for an 84 OVR player with 86-rated diving and 87 reflexes.

Right Back

  • Best option: Joao Cancelo
  • Budget option: Ricardo Pereira

Modern defenders must be more agile and quick than their previous counterparts. This is especially true for full-backs, who play a vital role in attacking play. They overlap with wingers to break down the opposition''s defensive posture. Joao Cancelo from Manchester City is an 86 OVR right-back who has demonstrated his ability to be successful in a number of positions. He is not only fast, but also very effective with the ball at his feet. He is also quite expensive for new players, but

Ricardo Pereira, the defender of Leicester City, has a solid day at an impressive range and an impressive performance. At an estimated 6,500 coins, he charges only a fraction of what he has to do to buy the Man City player.

Center Backs

  • Best options: Virgil van Dijk and Raphael Varane
  • Budget options: Antonio Rudiger and Cristian Romero
  • Alternative choices: Joe Gomez and Ruben Dias

Virgil van Dijk is a true player in Liverpool''s defense, and players can always trust him to change their backline. At 89 OVR and a 91 defending rating, he has a massive amount of 35,000 coins, though. FUT fans will be cost more than 20,000 coins, which none of them can afford right away.

Antonio Rudiger, who plays against Chelsea in 83 OVR, 84 DEF, and Cristian Romero, both from Tottenham, may be the budget-friendly (around 8,000 coins for each of them) answer to one''s defensive problems. At the least, they''ll do until gamers collect the funds to purchase elite center backs.

Players looking for a combination of speed and strength might also consider snagging Ruben Dias'' defensive pairing with Joe Gomez. They have a dependable pair who complete each other''s shortcomings at an all-time high. Diaz''s 88 defensive stat and 88-rated physicality are both critical to achieving success.

Left Back

  • Best option: Andrew Robertson
  • Budget option: Alex Telles

Andrew Robertson, who is currently working for Liverpool, is known for his runs down the left flank as well as a shaky defensive playstyle. He''s got everything a manager might want from a player in that position. With an 87 overall rating that blends 84-rated pace with an 82 defensive stat, he''s certainly worth the $27,000-coin price tag.

Alex Telles, a Brazilian left-back from Manchester United, should be found a way to improve defensively. Both his speed (83) and his passing abilities (82) are comparable to Robertson''s attacking stats, therefore buying him should be a no-brainer for any FUT enthusiast looking for an immediate left-back option.

Right Midfielder/Winger

  • Best option: Mohammed Salah
  • Budget option: Raphinha

Mo Salah, the "Egyptian King," is tearing up the Premier League and scoring goals in nearly every game he plays in. In FIFA 22, his stats are truly unbelievable. It gets no better than Salah in terms of Premier League wingers. Of course, the privilege of having him on the team comes at a cost of around 35,000 coins.

Raphinha''s 82 OVR rating is somewhat misleading, given his 91-foot advantage by peripheral abilities that aren''t really worthless for an attacking-minded player like him, such as 49-rated defending. FUT players who want a quick, reliable winger shouldn''t waste much time on collecting 1,000 coins.

Central Midfielders

  • Best options: Kevin De Bruyne and Bruno Fernandes
  • Budget options: Kai Havertz and Ilkay Gundogan
  • Alternative choices: N''''Golo Kante and Paul Pogba

Combining Manchester United''s and Manchester City''s finest central midfielders in one team is frightening in real life, but players in FIFA Ultimate Team can do that fairly easily, if they have the funds. Kevin de Bruyne (91 OVR, 93 PAS) and Bruno Fernandes (88 OVR, 89 PAS) can be both able to form a midfield duo straight out of any manager''s wildest dreams.

Though, buying Fernandes and De Bruyne right away is unlikely to reach those who have just picked up FIFA 22 and want to amass their FUT coins via gameplay rather than microtransactions or transfer funds from their FIFA 21 saves. These players should look to Chelsea''s Kai Havertz (84 OVR) and Ilkay Gundogan (85 OVR) and De Bruyne''s reliable substitute, to form a CM pairing that will get the job done for only 18,000

Those looking for two highly-rated midfielders who do not break the bank should look no further than Chelsea''s N''golo Kante and Manchester United''s Paul Pogba. The French pair may not be the paciest of midfielders, but they more than double their ability and physicality to win the lottery. Snagging up two cards with 87 (Pogba) and 90 (Kante) overall ratings for less than 70,000 coins is a genuine FUT bargain for players wanting

Left Midfielder/Winger

  • Best option: Heung Min Son
  • Budget option: Diogo Jota

Heung Min Son is one of the most well-rounded players in FIFA 22, which explains his impressive 35,000-coin price tag. With a 88-rated pace, 87 shooting, and a dribbling rating of 86, he is one of the most complete wingers in the game, who is guaranteed to score in all of their goals and assists.

Diogo Jota, who plays rightfully against Tottenham, is a solid left-wing option, especially considering that he only costs around 1,500 coins on the FUT open market. He will give a great return on investment even if players consider him in as a bench option.


  • Best option: Cristiano Ronaldo
  • Budget option: Gabriel Jesus
  • Alternative choice: Romelu Lukaku

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most versatile player in the Premier League, with his youngster returning to the club in August 2021, sparking nostalgia. He is rated at 91 OVR, with a 93 shooting stat, 87 pace, and an additional 88 dribbling. Due to his reputation as arguably the greatest footballer in history, he is also the most expensive player in the game.

Players with more realistic budgets should select a striker who will bring in a lot of goals, according to Gabriel Jesus. The Brazilian forward is a serious threat in front of goal and can speed through opposition''s supporters with relative ease, thanks to his 84-rated speed and a dribbling rating of 86. He can be picked up for up to 2,800 coins.

Affordably priced Premier League strikers with an overall rating of more than 87 are difficult to combine. However, players with a strike budget of 20,000 coins should definitely purchase Romelu Lukaku. The Belgian forward is particularly adept at shooting (87-rated) and at 84 pace, he is quite capable, especially considering Lukaku''s 83-rated physique.

FIFA 22 is available on Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.