Ethan of Emmerdale falls out with Charles over Marcus

Ethan of Emmerdale falls out with Charles over Marcus ...

Emmerdale''s spoilers follow.

There''s certainly problems on the horizon for Emmerdale''s Marcus Dean and Ethan Anderson, despite a relatively idyllic start to their relationship.

After Ethan''s excitement sparked a conversation about their future, the couple had previously decided to move in together for a few weeks.

The two have lived together ever since with each other since receiving Ryan''s approval.

However, as with every relationship, the honeymoon stage can only last until long.

As the two spend more time in each other''s lives, they begin to develop communication with other people in their close relationships, including family members.

Ethan''s father taking a liking to his boyfriend will not feel like a relief, rather a disgruntled sigh.

Charles, Ethan''s father, has become involved in a turbulent relationship with Marcus, and is struck by the overenthusiasm. He soon becomes concerned, leaving his son feeling dissatisfied and confused.

Ethan''s relationship with his boyfriend is rationed, and his frustration gradually escalates, causing him to snap at the pastor, who can''t help but be surprised by the loss.

Ethan accuses Charles of refusing to allow him and Marcus anywhere else.

Is Ethan''s sudden outburst a turning point for his relationship with his dad?

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