The actor of EastEnders gives his birthday a heartfelt tribute to his co-star

The actor of EastEnders gives his birthday a heartfelt tribute to his co-star ...

Max Bowden of EastEnders has given a heartfelt birthday tribute to Jamie Borthwick.

Both actors played Ben Mitchell and Jay Brown respectively, and have had a great time watching Bowden''s release on the BBC One soap since 2019.

In a variety of humorous moments on and off the set, Borthwick''s co-star took to his Instagram to share a series of photos of the two.

Max Bowden has written a post (@bowden5).

Bowden says he''ll hold her a happy birthday to the self-proclaimed NT (national treasure). "My right arm. And we haven''t been out for two whole years now. Have a blinder JB love you, dear friends."

The duo are dressed in dapper suits in the first picture, clearly filming scenes for a wedding and smiling confidently at the camera.

Even a birthday message is unlikely to have all of the necessary silly photographs, and Bowden is always on hand.

Photos of the buddies sitting asleep under the mattress in the post, presumably on the set, as well as hilarious photos of the two during FaceTime calls and a previous photo of Borthwick on the show as a young pre-teen.

On the back of the picture''s head, the actor gave us a video of Borthwick enjoying the benefits of a massage chair while his co-stars dragged the remote.

Borthwick''s attention was dwindled, and he posed the possibility of a "fall out."

"Ahhhhhh they were all fine! But the one of me just woke up in bed!! Liberty. That fall out we ain''t had begun now," he wrote in a reply. "Love ya brother."

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