Season 2 of Yellowjackets: One Big Change That Will Be Been Made by WONT

Season 2 of Yellowjackets: One Big Change That Will Be Been Made by WONT ...

Yellowjacketsseason 2 will be released later this summer, and were pleasantly optimistic that there will be surprises aplenty. Isn''t it the purpose of this show?

There is still a bit to talk about about what wewontbe seeing in the coming episodes. Adam was stabbed by Shauna in season 1, but there were still theories that the character was actually Javi from the past. It would have been a terrible twist, but its not one that is effective though the writers did at least briefly consider it.

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Jonathan Lisco, executive producer of Variety, had to give me a brief explanation of the idea.

We did not enquire about Adam''s behavior, even if he wanted to return to torment Shauna in a way, or torment the Yellowjackets. It didn''t feel organically right to us. It didn''t feel to deliver on the promise of her affair and their marriage.

Adam was not just another dude who was interested in Shauna sure, but he had demons, but he was not a secret part of her past in that way. However, we know that these theories were there, and we have a good understanding that there area few other theories that may prove to be true down the road.

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