Season 1 of 'The Time Traveler's Wife' discusses the subject of the wedding

Season 1 of 'The Time Traveler's Wife' discusses the subject of the wedding ...

The following is a spoiler for The Time Traveler''s Wife. Based on Audrey Niffenegger''s best-selling novel, the HBO adaptation to the small screen reveals the awkward encounter between Clare Abshire and Henry DeTamble, allowing him to experience the past for the first time at six years old. Despite their differences, the story suggests that each time travel situation is completely different.

Throughout Season 1, viewers were able to see Henry and Clare''s ups and downs as they navigate the negative effects of time travel on their relationship. From their moments at the meadow playing chess to their rocky romantic kickoff, these two characters learn to love one another through different walks of life until they finally get to say "I do" at the altar in the finale. Here''s an explanation of all that happened at the end of Season 1, and what questions it could bring.

Henry''''s Distaste For Videos

When Henry gets to the audience at the start of the episode, he notices that videos are often problematic. From his perspective, nostalgia is the ultimate enemy for a time traveler, because you don''t have to look at it completely. After a few moments, Henry starts to cough and leaves his clothes behind, returning from Clare''s house and crying. He notices that he will return to a special moment as soon as she gets to the start.

Henry and Claire''s twenty-eight-year-old self visits Clare''s house in the future. He sees his clothes folded in the wheelchair and his camera sitting in front of a desk, wondering what happened to his older version. Later, Henry and Clare discuss getting their wedding on tape. However, Clare is adamant about having a video she can watch from time to time.

Henry''''s Time Travel Frequency

Clare''s parents are prepared to make the wedding the event of the season, but Henry is reluctant to travel through time more often. One of his next trips is to his and Clare''s future home, where he sees his future wheelchair in a closet and Clare as an elder. When Henry returns to the present, he and Clare discuss their different beliefs of love. While she believes love is what makes life more meaningful.

Henry Rekindles His Relationship With His Dad

He announces his marriage anniversary to Clare who he doesn''t normally speak with. From that moment, viewers notice Richard''s alcohol hazard that erupted after his wife, Annette (Kate Siegel) passed away. During the moment, Richard is sitting on the couch and watching his wedding video. Similarly to younger Clare, he reveals his past.

The Constant Visits To The House

As aforementioned, the closer Henry gets to his wedding day, the more he travels through time. Particularly to his future home with Clare after their marriage. The following trip isn''t as fabley, because he notices Clare crying in the bed as she touches a small wooden box on his nightstand. He then visits the house again to see what he has inside it. However, he does not travel back to the present once before the wedding day.

The Drug Alternative

Henry goes on a trip to Ben (Will Brill), an old friend who hopes to know if Ben can provide any medication to alleviate Henry''s time travel patterns. Rather, Henry travels to different situations during his future home, including his funeral and a confrontation with Clare.

After seeing Clare crying in the side of the room asking him to leave, Henry realizes that all babies had died. He then returns to Clare''s studio and meets his older version in the office. Both Henrys are different perspectives of marriage. Each time, the wrong Henry leaves the room in the present.

The Wedding Day

Henry has to get ready to walk down the aisle after being born. There is a minor flaw. Since he already has grey hair, he must use a shoe polish to conceal the white strands in order to look more like his twenty-eight-year-old self. Henry asks his father about his fate as well as because it was beneficial for him to follow him through with his wedding. This reassures Henry that following him through was the appropriate step.

While he and Clare share their "I dos," the twenty-eight-year-old Henry, who is trapped in the future, sees the wedding tape with Clare. After the couple shares their vows, Clare''s bridesmaid and best friend, Charisse (Natasha Lopez), starts singing Get Me to the Church on Time. This was the song that forty-two-year-old Henry heard during his visit with Clare at the meadow in the beginning of the episode. Now viewers

Post Credits Scene

Clare and Henry, who are married in a short but purposeful ceremony, brainstorm a way to potentially conceive. Since younger Henry did not undergo a vasectomy yet, his wife encourages him to go more often when he time travels. That way, she could still get pregnant by sleeping with her husband''s younger self, although his forty-year-old version already had the procedure. It''s possible that this tactic might result in her being born in the future or seasons.

What Could Happen Next?

There isn''t yet a reason for Clare''s and Henry''s love story to be repeated. However, the end of Season 1''s story did not reveal much detail, but that it might be possible to become a mother if the following season comes to an end.

As we await a confirmation on the HBO series'' future, it''s important to note that you may see the 2009 film adaptation in order to witness a different perspective on Clare and Henry''s relationship.