Finale Cliffhanger Sets Up [Spoiler's Past to Resign to Haunt Them in Season 3 Plus, Grade It!

Finale Cliffhanger Sets Up [Spoiler's Past to Resign to Haunt Them in Season 3 Plus, Grade It! ...

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the Thursdays Walker finale. Keep an eye on the subject on your own!

Those handsome Davidsons finally got what they expected during the Walkers Season 2 finale.

Gale had promised to confess to killing Marv after she was fired when she hit him in the head with the lantern. After that, Geri and Cordell set up a fake fight for Gales benefits, during which they said several things to others. After that, Gale said to apologize to Abeline, and the Walkers recovered the saddle. (Denise also admitted to cutting Cordell''s saddle.)

Where did Geri tell Cordell that it was still too early for them to be together, and that they skipped too many steps; Captain James offered Trey a position as a Texas Ranger; Liam decided to work on the ranch; and Stella was on the verge of graduating. But just as the family was getting ready for the big day, a mysterious van (possibly connected to the paramilitary group trying to silence Miles?) nabbed Cordell while he was running and tied

What are you saying about Cordell''s past and how they are doing it? This is something that was obviously exploring in Season 3, and our writers room is up and running, so we are right in the loop of discussing all of that. I will say that Cordell has become too close to something in his investigation, and it appears that something unexpected from his past will respawn.

How do his family handle whats going on with him? I know it''s not the first time hes encountered himself in danger, but this seems pretty odd. This is how we met Cordell and his family in Season 1, [with] Walker missing, and him dealing with the homecoming now, but everyone around him has grown up a lot and may be different from his experience right now. So good be seeing the characters reacting differently and perhaps growing up in ways they didn''t anticipate.

Cassie said that shell go down fighting, but Cordell is in danger because of this new threat. Is she going to feel a sense of guilt about it? We met her as a Ranger who was very active in the search for her missing partner, Miles, and she is a very genuine blue partner. So, the fact that this is happening on her watch, for better or worse, is only going to encourage further a fight. In Season 3, there will be a lot more bigger stories with Cassie.

Youve now resolved some big issues with the Davidsons. Yes. Theres still some stuff that we didn''t get to put in there during the finale. Stella and Colton are still going strong, but im interested in still seeing that romance. The ranch is still next door. It''s possible that the ones will still be around. Colton and Dan Miller are both in agreement. [Laughs] There''s still a lot of discussion to be played out.

I want to talk about my favorite Davidson, Geri. What can we expect for her next season, especially her relationship with Walker? On our show, we have a saying that was always sort of seeking maximum heartbreak, and thats when we know that she was on the right path. I love them, and I try to keep them up until later on.

Unlike a conventional character, do either Geri or Walker feel like the things they yelled at each other during that shady confrontation held some sense of humor? I think that the action lines will, for instance, come out a little too easily. So, when Geri and Walker try to get through the dialogue, it''s like they were going too fast and skipped too many steps, because they thought they could, but they''re also happy.

Trey might be a member of the Texas Rangers that you introduced a few episodes ago, but now he has been offered this role as a Texas Ranger. We wanted to see the rescue in Austin because it is phenomenal. We absolutely wanted to explore the world more in episode 18, but we also wanted to be certain that he will have fun with his defense.

During the first episodes of TVLINE, Treys was born with Micki, but then Lindsey Morgan left the series. So how much of a learning curve has it been for him to learn more about his people, both the character and the actor, that he understands him well enough to be part of that family. So we really wanted to demonstrate him, and because he wasnt dependent on how he came in, and that we really wanted him to be active with the Walkers on his own. And so

Youve had a lot of Jared Padaleckis old Supernatural pals behind the camera. It''s difficult to know who is behind the scenes when it comes to Independence. Although he has a pitch for how he might appear on Walker, you know who I''d love, and who I''ve never met before [On Being Human], Mark Pellegrino. That''s kind of fun.

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