The Best Low-Cost Deals on Steam Summer Sale: Under $5

The Best Low-Cost Deals on Steam Summer Sale: Under $5 ...

The Steam Summer Sale has returned to empty our collective wallets and overflowing our backlogs. There are tens of thousands of incredible games with equally amazing discounts, and you may get some for less than $5 US. These are just some of the best deals youll discover on Steam.

Titanfall 2: $4.79 down from $29.99

Titanfall 2 is the complete package. An excellent, if short, story campaign, a full suite of PvE and PvP modes, and perhaps the best shooting mechanics in any modern game on the market. The vanilla game is a bit slow, but the Northstar mod maintains a small and dedicated community of players.

Fallout New Vegas: $2.99 down from $9.99

New Vegas remains one of the most successful Fallout games of the past few decades, despite a slew of bugs and shortcomings. A vast open world, a vast open world, and an evolution of Fallout 3''s robust combat and RPG mechanics all combined to make a game worth the price. Add in the robust modding scene, and New Vegas might never end.

DOOM (2016): $4.99 down from $19.99

There isn''t much about DOOM (2016) that has already been said. You''ll slay demons by the motherlode to one of the gaming''s best soundtracks, enjoying the sensation of being a living demigod fueled by demons and the screams of the damned. A lot of the game is also available on the Switch, thus your PC or Steam Deck will have no issues experiencing a sticky framerate.

Transistor: $3.99 down from $19.99

Years before Hades demonstrated how incredible Supergiant Games might be given time and budget; Transistor was an example of a tightly-designed, well-written, beautiful world with a real emotional weight. While Hades was enjoyable, you must be mindful to play non seulement Transistor, but also Pyre and Bastion. Supergiant has yet to perform anything below the highest quality.

Deus Ex: Mankind is divided, down $4.49 from $29.99.

The sequel to Human Revolution, Mankind Divided, expands and improves on many aspects that made the first game great. The world is elegantly and intricately designed. Despite its inconsistencies, the story is one of the best of its year, and the amount of freedom it allows the player to deal with situations is outstanding.

Darkest Dungeon: $3.74 down from $24.99

The Lovecraftian rogue-lite is complex, dark, and endlessly replayable with a surprising PvP mode. The first game will not be receiving many updates in the near future as a result of the recent release of Darkest Dungeon 2.