Ranked: 5 of the Most Iconic Amnesiacs in Films

Ranked: 5 of the Most Iconic Amnesiacs in Films ...

Some people are looking for a scientifically accurate portrayal of amnesia in films. Unlike creative licenses, amnesia isn''t always the most important part of a film, but that''s why they need it.

Being a part of the amnesiac is a possibility for some creative storytelling, since the amnesiac doesn''t usually remember everything, so it can be difficult for them to learn what''s happening or solve a certain problem. Amnesiacs often appear in mystery and thriller movies, but it''s not a rule, and some of the most famous amnesiacs come from a wide range of backgrounds.

5 The Winter Soldier

Given the popularity of the Metropolitan Hospital, it would be a mistake not to remember Bucky Barnes, the most famous Amnesiac, who was captured and manipulated by Hydra. Soon afterward, Bucky loses his memory, his mind is wiped, and he becomes the assassin known as the Winter Soldier. He, however, manages to return his memories in the end, but has a difficult time dealing with all the injustices he committed while working for Hydra.

Bucky''s inner struggle is revealed in the Disney Plus show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which also features the star of Captain Marvel. Only after discovering her true origin story, she realizes who is the real bad guys. All of this is happening in Captain Marvel (2019) but it does not affect future MCU movies and television shows.

4 Dory

It''s rare to see an amnesiac in a light-hearted (for the most part) way because they appear in fine movies. It''s true that the film focuses on dad Marlin who''s trying to find his son Nemo and embarks on an unforgettable adventure as a result. However, the amnesiac encounters Dory, who is quite a bit confused.

Her inability to remember certain things isn''t in the movie solely for laughs, but it has a profound impact on the plot. In 2016, Dory became a fan favorite, and she got her stand-alone film Finding Dory, which proved successful. However, Dory was not initially the main character, but that does not diminish her likability.

3 Douglas Quaid

Arnold Schwarzenegger appeared in various roles that culminated in becoming famous, most notably the Terminator. In 1990, he played the lead in Total Recall, a film based on Philip K. Dick''s story. This keeps the audience guessing what''s true and what''s not because Douglas himself isn''t so sure about who he is. He initially believes to be a construction worker but discovers he''s actually a secret agent... or it''s even more complicated.

It makes for an action-packed tale that offers more than one surprise or twist. Total Recall made a critical and commercial debut in 2012, as did Colin Farrell''s play. However, the original film remains undefeated, and Douglas Quaid is a resounding example of people who dream about something new.

2 Leonard Shelby

Christopher Nolan is well-known in sci-fi, having directed several films such as Tenet (2020), Inception (2010), and Interstellar (2014). In many ways, one of Nolan''s early feature films, Memento, is equally fantastic. It follows the story of Leonard Shelby (Guy Pearce), a man who is unimpressed to maintain any new memories following the attack. During this time, he must be creative while he is trying to determine who is responsible for his wife''s

Shelby keeps mementos of past events in the form of photos and tattoos. Like many Christopher Nolan movies, it''s best to watch Memento at least twice in order to make things together. Considering Guy Pearce''s performance and the movie''s overall performance, it''s also an easy task.

1 Jason Bourne

The hardest part of Jason Bourne''s trilogy is to discover the truth about who he is, and in the meantime, he''s dealing with people who are going after him. Even if he does not know his own identity - The Bourne Identity, as the first film, he can luckily do other things in order to succeed.

Uncovering the mystery at Bourne''s life is a major draw, which combined with action scenes as well as Matt Damon''s roles in the titular role enables for a compelling plot. The first film was first released in 2002, and spawned several sequels, making Jason Bourne one of the most popular film amnesiacs as well as one of the most successful action heroes leading their own series.