The Top 10 Mechanic Video Game Characters

The Top 10 Mechanic Video Game Characters ...

These video game mechanics are versatile people you will want to keep on your side thanks to their excellent capabilities. They can make and repair a lot of machinery, whether it is a new mode of transportation or a powerful weapon upgrade. These mechanics are all capable of demonstrating what they know about their chosen profession.

Despite this fundamental divergence, video game mechanics come in a variety of designs and all have unique personalities. They can be a sweet but deadly mechanic who works with scrap metal or a young fox with a passion for inventing gadgets. When it comes to thinking up a new invention, Mechanics are indispensable.

The 10 Family Business Slippy Toad (Star Fox Series)

This amphibious mechanic is a major part of the Star Fox team and an invaluable asset when it comes to developing new inventions. The most notable of these is the Arwing aircraft that he and his father created as part of Space Dynamics Co. Ltd.

After tough battles, Slippy is surprisingly well-informed about mechanics. Hes capable to produce experiments with the most appropriate amount of expertise, like when he made the Blue-Marine with only scrap metal.

Cid Pollendina has never died in 9 Passion (Final Fantasy 4).

Final Fantasy 4 is the first game in which you can play as the recurring Cid character, with Cid Pollendina as the playable party member. Many of the Cid characters in Final Fantasy take on the role of mechanic, and Cid Pollendina is no exception.

Despite his age, Cid continues to love airplanes and make the Enterprise the first airship you use in the game. Even in Final Fantasy 4: The After Years, set almost 20 years after the original game, Cid maintains his fascination with mechanics.

Tron Bonne, the eighth robot rings leader in the Mega Man Legends Series, is a character in this game.

Tron Bonne is an accomplished mechanic who pioneered many inventions despite being 14 years old to assist the Bonne family in their villainous schemes. She is also the inventor of machines such as the Gesellschaft airship and the Servbots, a group of adorable robots who are loyal to her and the Bonne family.

With her horde of Servbots who are always by her side, you use Trons'' inventions to assist you on her mission.

7 Howdy!Ellie (Borderlands 2 And 3)

Ellie is regularly slain when she was first introduced to her in Borderlands 2. The game tells you that she enjoys cuddling and murder, which is quite the introduction. Alongside these hobbies, Ellie enjoys making and fixing things.

Ellie owns a garage in The Dust and she will assist you in determining a vehicle, collecting the components needed, and transforming it into a reality. This mechanic is a sweet and helpful non-profit, so you won''t fall in love with it, or you''ll end up in the car crusher.

6 Rebellious Streak Robin (Iconoclasts)

Robin is the main character of the platformer Iconoclasts, which lives under the dictatorship of the One Concern, who assigns people roles to perform and punish them if they fail. Despite his limitations, Robin specializes in mechanical manipulation.

Robin, who was named after her late father, Polro, who was licensed mechanic, is skilled in handling machinery. In the game, she may use her Wrench to do different functions, including hanging from nuts and controlling devices.

Cindy Aurum, the 5 Royals Personal Mechanic, is a filmmaker and writer.

Cindy Aurum, a keen mechanic at Hammerhead Garage, will come to Final Fantasy 15 for your vehicle, the Regalia, to be repaired, customized, and upgraded. As the head mechanic, she loves to be a part of the company, focusing on her work rather than her many admirers.

Cindy was raised by her grandfather, Cid Sophiar, who passed down his knowledge of mechanics and helped her succeed in the family business. She continues a long-standing tradition of engineers and mechanics named Cid, as her Japanese name is Cidney.

4 Wrench In The Works Andy (Advance Wars)

Andy is a member of the Advance Wars teams, a series of tactical games in which you fight it out against an opposing army. He certainly looks the part, wearing classic mechanic outfits, and is often pictured holding a large wrench.

Many of Andy''s abilities revolve around his mechanic capabilities, such as Hyper Repair, which heals his Units and increases their defense. Hes also known to mention his occupation in his dialogue, saying things like Ive got spare parts! He is a fantastic mechanic who will be happy to have on your side.

3 Extraterrestrial Mechanic Ratchet (Ratchet & Clank Series)

Ratchet, a prominent member of the Ratchet and Clank team, is an expert mechanic who uses the OmniWrench to protect the planet from evil forces. Using his abilities, Ratchet made his own ship, which led him to meet Clank, who was impressed by his mechanic ability.

Many of Ratchet''s attacks in the game focus on his ability to utilize various equipment. Ratchet is a passionate experimenter, creating equipment such as a nuclear-powered rocket sled and Stunderwear, and a pair of electroshock underwear, utilizing the limited resources he has.

2 Smart And Adorable Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog Series)

Despite his initial lack of trust, Tails is one of Sonic''s closest companions in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Despite his initial lack of trust, he has experienced skill and intelligence many times. In Sonic Adventure 2, he created the fake Chaos Emerald.

Tails is a great companion, and is always willing to make something that helps you save the day. However, he does give away in his energy to explain his invention.

1 Genius Inventor Lucca (Chrono Trigger)

Lucca is a Cronos childhood friend and one of the Chrono Trigger''s guests, who is well-known for her mechanic skills and the love of inventing and fixing things. She created the Telepod that kickstarts the party''s journey through time, and fixes Robo, a robot from 2300 AD.

Lucca plays a key part in the game''s history, often utilizing her desire to assist the party navigate difficult situations. This includes making the Gate Key, which allows you to control the Time Gates and travel through time. Her creativity and passion for mechanics is among the many reasons that make Lucca stand out in a powerful cast.