Hot Fix 6 has been released by V Rising

Hot Fix 6 has been released by V Rising ...

Vampire survival game V Rising is the latest multiplayer title to go viral on Twitch, resulting in a massive unforeseen surge in players. And as many of the previously viral indie games that preceded it, V Rising is scrambling to do whatever it can to improve its Early Access experience with limited development resources. To its credit, developer Stunlock Studios has continued to deliver significant hotfixes, the latest of which has now been released.

Hotfix 6, patch 0.5.42236, is now live for all V Rising players. The update is specifically focused on addressing issues with V Rising and as such does not include any content. Two new features, however, are intended to be for server administration rather than gameplay. The first is the "decayusercastles" console command and allows a server admin to crush one player''s castles. Second, adminlist.txt and banlist.txt files load from both default settings and local override settings.

Although the greatest variation may be considered a bug fix, this is more accurately a variation in Stunlock''s design. Lumber, Stone, and Plant Fibre will no longer hinder V Rising players from using waygates or bat form. This should make map traversal in V Rising faster with material a less risky proposition. Stunlock specifically expressed concern about the decision on Twitter, publicly acknowledging player feedback over the annoying restriction.

Four bug fixes for Hotfix 6 for V Rising. First, there''s a possibility of a crash when destroying castles. Second, using the command "claninvite" might destroy another player''s game client, but it has now been fixed. Third, a dupe exploit used by resurrecting and terminating V Rising''''s employees has been removed. Lastly, some fine-tuned remote connection has been done for players who have issues with dedicated servers.

Hotfix 6 isn''t a game that most V Rising players will notice having an impact on their regular gameplay. However, the changes to bat form and waygates were generally welcome, although future players will appreciate the change as they continue to play. Altogether, the hotfix is mostly about improving the game''s overall performance as it progresses towards achieving Steam Early Access.

Stunlock promised in May that bug fixes and technical assistance would be their future priorities. This doesn''t mean content isn''t being discussed on, of course. Endgame expansion and improvements are at the top of Stunlock''s list, as is creating content based on V Rising player requests. There''s more to come for V Rising in 2022, including both hotfixes and content updates.

V Rising is now available on PC.