Best Mega Blastoise Counters in Pokemon GO (June 2022)

Best Mega Blastoise Counters in Pokemon GO (June 2022) ...

The Season of Go is well into its first month, and Pokemon GO trainers have had plenty of fun getting out, enjoying the warm weather, and exploring their local communities through the mobile AR game. This weekend brings a popular Community Day event, which is sure to keep the action going, but Battle Raid fans may also be ready to attend the CD event to commemorate the latest Mega Raid rotation shakeup.

This month, Mega Venusaur is getting a number of returning Mega Battle Raid bosses and now that Mega Venusaur is all finished, it''s time for another Gen 1 Mega starter to take over the spotlight. After a few months away Mega Blastoise is back on the stage and Pokemon GO trainers have another chance to face off against the popular Mega Battle Raid boss and earn a large amount of Mega resources to put to work every time a difficult battle comes along. That said, a solid

Mega Blastoise has been added to the lineup today and will be active until July 1. There are some fantastic options for those who want to maximize their efficiency, but there are also other options available.

Best Mega Blastoise Counters (June 2022)

  • Shadow Raikou - Thunder Shock/Wild Charge
  • Shadow Magnezone - Spark/Wild Charge
  • Shadow Zapdos - Thunder Shock/Thunderbolt
  • Zekrom - Charge Beam/Wild Charge
  • Shadow Mewtwo - Psycho Cut/Thunderbolt
  • Mega (or Shadow) Venusaur - Vine Whip/Frenzy Plant
  • Tangrowth - Vine Whip/Power Whip

The Pokemon GO experience is evidently a key factor, so players will want to consider the pros and cons of deciding which Pokemon to prepare for the big battle. However, try to focus on the Pokemon that are most likely to be valuable again in future battle raids or PvP activities beyond this week''s Mega Raid.

The complete list of July 2022 events should be revealed in the next few days, so make sure to check back soon for more Pokemon GO strategy recommendations, news, and updates. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

On Android and iOS devices, Pokemon GO is now available in select regions.