Elden Ring Golf Could Be Like With A AI Image Generator

Elden Ring Golf Could Be Like With A AI Image Generator ...

The possibility of DLC for Elden Ring has a significant issue within the Elden Ring community. Given the studio''s previous record with additional content on previous titles, however, the possibility of Elden Ring DLC appears somewhat probable. However, one fan recently gave fans a glance at what a Elden Ring golf DLC might be.

DLC has the potential to be completely different from the game it''s based on in ways that players may not have imagined. In recent years, the Far Cry games have experimented with DLC in quite different ways, especially with the recent Villains DLC for Far Cry 6. However, when Elden Ring is concerned, a certain fan has gone a mute direction in terms of DLC ideas for him.

A user logged in on Reddit and posted a series of photographs that were generated from a model generator called DALL-E mini, showing a semblance of what golfing in Elden Ring might look like. These photographs can also serve as a nice backdrop for a golf course, as a result of how intricate and beautiful some areas in Elden Ring are. This also coincides with what another user logged in a post expressing a desire for a golf DLC for Elden Ring.

Given FromSoftware''s desire for a more stringent DLC that serves as a direct continuation of whatever game the DLC is for, it''s unlikely that the Elden Ring golf DLC will actually happen. However, between these two posts alone, this has almost certainly given someone in the modding industry a plethora of ideas.

Elden Ring''s has already developed a slew of different modes that can improve the quality of life during active gameplay, improve the graphics, or add completely new content altogether. For some players, it would be quite surprising if a golf mod was developed at some point in the future.

A ''virtuous'' scenario will be interesting to see if the official Elden Ring DLC is released at some point. Although Elden Ring''s design and storytelling are so open-ended, it would allow for additional content in a way that feels diegetic with everything it has to offer from a lore and gameplay perspective.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.