10 of the most powerful characters in Yona Of The Dawn, ranked

10 of the most powerful characters in Yona Of The Dawn, ranked ...

Yona of the Dawn, starring Mizuho Kusanagi, has developed a slew of unsettling characters that have touched the hearts of fans.

Although the series has a large cast of characters, only a few people can be considered to be the strongest in the series. Ob it the directors of the Kouka Kingdom or one of the fabled Dragon Warriors, these characters demonstrate to be the most powerful genre available so far.

10 Yona

Yona, initially the sheltered and naive princess of Kouka Kingdom, began archery under Hak''s guidance to defend herself while she was on the run. Although her skill with a bow was modest at first, she gradually improved to the point of shooting an arrow at Yang Kum-Ji, killing him.

Yona is able to successfully defend An-Lili against Hiyou, the drug hero, although she does not have to endure a fracture.

9 Soo-Won

Although his gentle appearance may suggest otherwise, Soo-Won is a very merciless individual. One of the most crucial moments in the series is when Soo-Won usurps Yona''s father, Emperor Il, by driving a sword through his heart.

While his killing of Emperor Il is a notable moment, Soo-Won was briefly seen attacking on near-even grounds against Hak, making him a very experienced swordsman in his own right. Unfortunately, Due to a seemingly incurable illness, Soo-Won''s current capabilities hasn''t been determined.

8 Shin-Ah

Shin-Ah, the second Dragon Warrior to join Yona''s party, is a capable combatant. He is a proficient swordsman capable of smashing down numerous enemies within a short amount of time, as demonstrated during the conflict with Yan Kum-ji and his men.

However, Shin-Ah''s Dragon Eyes are his most significant skill, one he possesses as the Blue Dragon''s reincarnation. When used, victims are afflicted with horrifying hallucinations that are capable of terminating bodily functions. However, Shin-Ah himself will be paralyzed because because he cannot master them.

7 Zeno

Zeno, unlike the other three Dragon Warriors, is actually the original Yellow Dragon that served King Hiryuu. His youthful appearance stems from him becoming the Yellow Dragon''s host, which eventually granted him immortality. Naturally, Zeno cannot die by any conventional means.

Zeno is a fierce fighter; while he has been shown using a sword and a dagger, he prefers to fight unarmed. His real strength is in his regenerative abilities, which manifest in scales that can repair even the most horrifying injuries. Combined with his strength, Zeno is a truly long-lasting warrior.

6 Jae-Ha

Jae-Ha, who loves freedom, is the third dragon to join Yona''s party, although it''s after much success. As the reincarnation of the Green Dragon, Jae-Ha has the ability to fly with his great distances. He''s also a capable martial artist who excels in kicks.

Jae-Ha is capable of throwing small daggers and knives while flying in the air. His preferred strategy is to scatter bullets on his opponents, as he rises in the air. His abilities have led people to give him the nickname "The Flying Pirate" during his time in Awa Port.

5 Kan Soo-Jin

Kan Soo-Jin was one of the five generals who supported the Kouka Kingdom. Despite his apparent interest in Soo-Won, this was revealed as a farce, as he planned to have Soo-Won murdered in order to take the throne for himself, a plan that would result in his own death.

Soo-Jin holds true to his position as General in combat, fearlessly defending his position in the north alongside his army with great fervor. While he fought for an alliance with province leader Li Hazara as part of this plot against Soo-Won, he is ultimately executed by his own men as a result of Soo-Won''s manipulations.

4 Son Hak

Son Hak is one of the first warriors to be introduced in the series, specializing in teaching Yona archery. As a child, his similarly renowned adoptive grandfather, Son Mundok, trained him alongside Soo-Won, making him a capable fighter that matches even the legendary Dragon Warriors.

Although Hak is capable of using other abilities, such as a bow and a arrow, and a sword, his weapon of choice is his long Guandao, a bisento-like weapon with which he can defeat several opponents with ease. During their brief encounter at Hiryuu Castle, even Soo-Won recognized Hak as a dangerous opponent.

3 Li Hazara

In the northern part of Kouka, Sen Province Leader, Li Hazara initially attacked Kan Soo-Jin and his army. True to his fearful appearance, Hazara is extremely cunning, intending to establish his dominion over the Fire Tribe once he strengthens his already powerful army.

Although Hazara agreed to reinforce Soo-Jin, he remains ignorant about the lore behind Hiryuu castle, focusing rather on what must be done.

2 Ki-Ja

Ki-Ja, the first dragon warrior to join Yona, Hak, and Yoon, proved to be not only the first powerhouse in the group, but also the first indication that the group is taking their task of salvaging the kingdom of Kouka seriously. His principal strength is the Dragon''s Claw, the White Dragon''s signature ability.

When Ki-Ja''s right hand is of normal size, although his claws and scales are being used. However, his right hand is larger, which may be used to deflect opponents with deadly consequences. Hak also claims that a smack with Ki-Ja''s right hand is enough to kill someone.

1 Yu-Hon

Although Yu-Hon is dead by the time the plot begins, the impact that Yu-Hon has on the story is unbeen able. As Soo-Won''s father and his late brother, Yu-Hon was a great fighter who won numerous victories for Kouka and his late brother, with his greatest victory being in the Xing Kingdom.

Yu-Hon was resurrected as he was; even after the other side admitted defeat, he continued to slaughter innocent civilians of the Xing Kingdom. It was ultimately Yu-Hon''s death that prompted Soo-Won to kill Emperor Il.